By jreed509 - 03/07/2011 05:25 - United States

Today, while riding a roller coaster I got hit in the chest by a wasp going 80 miles per hour. As if that didn't hurt enough it somehow managed to survive and fell down my shirt. It crawled around and bit me a few times before the ride ended. FML
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I thought wasps stung not bit

your not the first


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lol sucks

do20ss 4

wasps sting not bite, stupid b*tch HA

Wasps also bite stupid..

Some wasps bite to lay eggs in the wound so they would still bite even though they can sting

flockz 19

(puts on full body sting free suit) hey ur making wasps sound a whole lot scarier thanni previously thought.

I love how the first five comments on the FML are are all "buried" cause of the negative likes hahah

Do20ss, go jump of a bridge champ, before you decide it's okay to abuse someone you don't even know, on the Internet, perhaps you should get your facts straight.

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Nope, those are bees.

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no #3 that would be bee's

^you're a little late

Wasps and bumble bees can sting more than once. Honey bees are the ones who only sting once, they have barbs on their singers which get caught in the skin. As they pull away the stinger comes off which pulls out their digestive system.

31-Thanks for irritating my intestines.

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poor bumble bees^^ reminds me of that one movie.... but anyways fyl op

Herp derp that's bees.

#31 that was very informative , thanks for that :)

I was going to make it a little more graphic but thought maybe some wouldn't appreciate it :p I love how right after my comment someone just said 'Poor bumble bees' no... Honey bees.. lol

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bees honey...only bees

Very descriptive. Haha. Ew...

52-No go ahead. Make it more graphic. No one minds. *Gets bucket ready*

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Common sense you idiot.

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nor bees

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Actually, it's a common misconception, only honey bees have stingers, bumble bees do not. And wasps can sting you a lot...I was riding my bike and got stung 4 times by one before it fell off of me.

Bumble bees DO have stingers

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geeksaresexy is just whipping all of you guys asses with her bee knowledge

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That's bees

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That's bees.

We've just met the real MC Knows Too Many Facts About Bees from Jon Lajoie's WTF Collective 2! What an honor :)

Yes..... if they're bees. I can guess you commented quickly to get the first one, but please research before you say that shit, man.

wasps stings you over and over they don't stop once they sting you and you're nearby their hive, the whole hive can come out and sting you too. it was on the news when those kids from the school bus got attacked by a yellow jackets kinda scary cuz they don't die after one or two stings. they bite too lol

same thing happened to me except it was like ice cream or something like that......... Hope you feel better :3

salvorican 24

How did ice cream get on a roller coaster?

it must have been a really tall ice cream.


maybe they had ice cream hit them in the chest while they were on roller coaster

Your ice cream bit you?

The ice cream was hungry. And angry!

limblessorphan 4

can icecreams sting more then once or do they die after the first time?

101, it depends in the flavor, vanilla dies once it stings but chocolate doesn't, for example

limblessorphan 4

straciatella must be really hazardous then!

Leatherandlace 0

How is that in any way related to this? A wasp stings or bites, ice cream sits there.

Nonononononono It is common misconception Chocolate stings, they are also known as the Lactosa Cocolial, and all flavors in the Lactosa family have no stingers. Chocolate bites, Vanilla stings once, And strawberry is made from ginger hair, making it even more potent. Sometimes they can sting as many as 100 times before melting away or you killing them. Their wildlife counterpart would be Africanized Honey Bees. if you ever come across a Strawberry in the wild, run like hell.

so how many times did it bite you??

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-.- wasps don't bite genius.

#88, then how do they eat?

Yes #104! Thank you.

5, wasps don't bite they sting. And the FML said it managed to get him a few times, so probably around 3(ish).

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dang that wasp had a death wish

That's in retaliation for bumping into poor Waspy. You were in his way.

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for some reason i could relate this to steve erwin's death.

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are they like bees they die when they sting?

no wasps can sting more than once.

unfortunately, no. I learned that the hard way :-/

no they can sting you agin and again...and again