By JimiHendrix - 01/03/2013 01:55 - France - Luynes

Today, a wasp knocked me out, broke my glasses, and left a gash over my eyebrow. It did so by flying under my glasses while I was playing my guitar, causing me to reflexively bat at it with the hand that was still grasping the guitar neck. FML
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Thats the way of life of a rockstar. Sad but True.

Dude you gotta be careful about those White Anglo Saxon Protestants

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Sorry op but I needed the laugh thanks

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Your bee jokes are awesome, but kinda bugging me. Lets just bee more subtle about it.

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Hey what's all the buzz about?

The buzz is, even wasps love boo bees! :)

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Now now. . Enough with the waspy jokes.

wasp the matter? you bee afraid of puns honey?

How do you reflexively smash your face with a guitar?

I ******* hate bees/wasps/stinging flying insects. I once flipped a chair backwards freaking out about one and knocked my teacher over in highschool. I'm like...deathly allergic to stings. It's definitely the scariest thing in life for me.

Apparently we would die in 4 years without them.

#46: True, but we'd also die without the sun. I want that to stick around, too, but I'm not looking for a close encounter with it! (For that matter, I know someone who has an allergy-like response to bright sunlight: his eyes swell up.)

#46: Nature relies heavily on bees for pollination. Cell phone signals, and such things, mess with their natural navigation, so the poor little guys freeze to death outside overnight without the warmth of their hive. #57: I have allergic reactions to the sun...well, sunburn really. It causes heat stroke in me, makes my skin itch like all hell has broken loose, and then it sloughs off D: That's why I'm glow-in-the-dark white.

The big question is... Did you get it?

If he got it then the next FML would be about how he has wasp juice all in his eye

well you got great relflexes idk how you hit yourself with the guitar though

His hand was still on the guitar neck. Not a hard concept.

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Ouch. I hope it didnt do too much damage OP. Did yu kill it? Btw i loveee yur wording, great imagery.

I never understood why people shortened it to yu. It just makes you look lazy and stupid as ****.

28, Ummm...Glass houses? Your post isn't perfect either. I can say this because my house is already a pile of shards. :P

Lots of people tlk liek dis nd I dnt nderstand y its so much harder than just using actual words -__-

@36, I've seen more than one person spell it as "yhu" which just pisses me off to no end. They're usually the kind of person who replaces all their g's with q's for some inexplicable reason. Just saying, "yu" is bad but it gets a lot worse, sadly.

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It was a freakin' wasp! I wouldn't mind getting an eye popped out as long as I survive a WASP!

I know that feel bro. I hate wasps too

Okay, why are people saying "I know that 'feel'" lately? "Feel" is a verb, not a noun. "Feeling" can be a verb or a noun. You don't know that "feel." You know that "feeling," "FEELING," dammit.

Internet meme. U mad bro? ^shit like that, I know, it's horrible.

Well, I did ask. I haven't seen that meme, but I'm sure it must be stupid, because it causes people to say stupid things.