Love your art

By BigBlue - 19/03/2014 23:19 - United States - Seattle

Today, I was texting an artist friend telling her I wanted to buy her paintings; going on and on about how much I wanted it and loved the way they looked and couldn't wait to have them. I realized my phone had corrected paintings to panties. FML
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But was that REALLY a mistake?

Wizardo 33

Hopefully south and into her panties.


But was that REALLY a mistake?

Freudian slip?

Does that kind of slip come with panties?

falon142012 22

This is one of those FML's that I REALLY hope has a follow-up!

JMichael 25

Of course it wasn't. OP claims he meant paintings when really he meant panties. He's just trying to make himself look all innocent. For shame OP.

the words that get autocorrect are recent words or words that were used often i'm pretty sure. naughy naughty, OP! xD

jazzy_123 20

Sheldon: *laptop speaking for him* Penny Penny Penny... do you have some tea I can have? Penn6: uhh yeah sure Sheldon: and some hiny too.. I mean honey! *sly smile on his face* lol reminded me of Big Bang Theory, love that show.

#49 I know; that was part of the humor. Jeez, lighten up a little bit!

"I really want to buy your panties... *paintings LOL" There ya go. All fixed. :)

incoherentrmblr 21

What a dumbass...

Isn't autocorrect the best? *sarcasm off

Maybe you'll get both.

"hi can I buy your panties?"

BlueFlatts 20

Is it just me or am I the only one who finds it ironic that a girl asked to buy the panties and a guy said no?

If it works out you'll be thanking autocorrect.

deathstroke990 22

Have fun explaining that one.

I hope you don't ask to see her brush! Autocorrect might turn it into, well...

Took me a second...

You don't need autocorrect for that. Just a typo will be enough

You should proofread

Not enough people do.

buttcramp 21

It was an innocent mistake that could have happened to anyone. Hopefully the artist friend laughs about the misunderstanding.

A common mistake for everyone. Maybe she'll understand what you really meant?

Not sure asking girls to see their panties is common or a mistake

Let alone buying their panties

Proofreading is fundamental

I reread that a few times expecting there to be an intentional misspelling as a joke.