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Today, I was walking down the hallway when someone opened a door, smashing it into me. The bump makes it look like I have a third boob. FML
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fail for OPs boobs being so small that the door could hit her and give her a third boob

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fail for OPs boobs being so small that the door could hit her and give her a third boob

how's that even possible? and why would someone that isn't old enough to have boobs even use this site much less post on it

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there are highscool girls that have almost no boobs. it is a rather sad story.

are your boobs that small or is the bump that big?

That's either a huge bump or you have some small bewbs. lol

I still don't understand how u can be in highschool or older and still have THAT small of boobs

I was still wearing a training bra my freshman year of highschool. I just hated it in the locker room, so my mom got me VS push-up bras. Im still only a B at 27. Also, one of my friends was smaller than I was(completely flat), and she was BY FAR one of the most gorgeous girls in our high school. Boob size has nothing to do with your age, just your genetics.

this is soo like that scene in Total RecLl, wit the three tittied hooker, and the midget with the machine gun! Arnold Schwartzeneger movies FTW!

So I'm guessing you have really small boobs cause I can't imagine the bump being that big

3 boobs... hot. plus I like small breasts. far from an fml.

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#1!!!!! big win!!!!! lol don't think I could say anything after that comment except that op is a flat chest.......

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lmfao #1, nice observation. how're rocks and girls alike? you skip the flat ones!

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#60 - thank youu! ugh haha. i dont have the biggest boobs either and theres nothing i can do about it. some guys don't like boobs that much, like my boyfriend doesnt a whole lot cause his mom and sister have like huge boobs so he's been surrounded by them, he prefers a butt which he likes mine haha.

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It must suck being flat-chested. Better buy a new bra :)

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the ONLY option is that she is flat chested unless the op is just using a retarded metaphore ther is NO WAY that a bump could be as big as even a small boob

YDI for having **** so small that a small bump resembles ur ****

ibtc alert (itty bitty tity committe)

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u just like her ******* @139

140- great observation Holmes, how did you deduce that?

I'm assuming 3 boobs is concidered a turn-on..... in some countries

Potatoes: A boob is slang for a breast. It is also what one might call a person who doesn't know the common usage of the word "boob." :)

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since wen do white ppl say homez

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I didn't even click on the fml to read the responses and I was pretty much thinking the exact same thing as 1. I don't use "fail" though.

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totally agree... this actually seems halfway fake...

yup .. sometimes life sticks ya with bad ones...

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60 in another fml you said claimed to never have used push up bras...

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194 Attila for the win bitch haha

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hahaha yea like mosquito bite status. sucksss :( well the more the merrier :) I guess? think positive!

worst status in high school: boobless in senior year must suck for them ppl not to be full of myself, but my pecs are bigger than a few girls **** at my school

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^You shouldn't go into further detail about your bitch ****!! You will make the OP jealous...

I have a friend that is like flat as and she's 16 but that's coz she's so skinny, not saying she's ano or anything just naturaly skinny

o 116- I was refering to pectoral, the chest muscle, no, I'm not fat, more skinny than chubby

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#158. that exactly like me. i weigh 6 and a half stone and I'm 16. doesn't matter how much I eat I dont put on weight. therefor all of me is small including my chest. but I've decided to go for cosmetic surgery because I can't stand being teased anylonger. it's tearing me apart -.- feel sorry for the op like

o.o I doubt the bump is that big and round, unless your boobies aren't o:

Yeah. I once knew someone with three thumbs. But they were homeless and lived in my attic. I discovered him when I came home to see him eating my Lucky Charms. He then snarled and flew away into my chimney. I just shrugged and went to Publix. The free cookies there are so suprisingly delicious!

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this was worth the time it took to 🔓 the app twice to get this FML to load

haha. capenters dream... FLAT AS A BOARD!!!!

Publix cookies are the best...especially when they're free!

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how the hell would a door slam make it look like you have a third boob?? that door must've had damn good aiming. sucks to be you!

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it would have been even funnier if this was a guy... ah damn it now it looks like i have three man boobs damn it

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they shouldn't even be called **** how small they are aparently.

That's not exactly her fault. But maybe she can keep slamming the door in the same places. When the lumps stack up, so will she.

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You got hit in the chest and it left a bump that big? That's weird...

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Agreed, I don't get it! Where on your chest would you be able to get that big of a bump? Unless I'm not understanding something correctly. Please explain!

Well, if it welts up, it could be a good sized bump. Also, she could be saying it hit the top of her boob, left a large bump, so it would be like another boob growing out of the first? Idk, Im just trying to come up with ideas!

I didn't know you could get bumps from injuries on anywhere but the head :s Yeah, swellings, but they tend to be smoother and generally not boob shaped. If your boobs are small enough that a swelling would look lke one, I gotta admit I'm kinda envious. My boobs are 32HH, I haven't been able to run since I was 16. Grass is always greener on the other side eh?

it will make it more fun to dance with you