By Ouch - / Wednesday 17 March 2010 16:16 / United States
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  idkweird  |  0

I was still wearing a training bra my freshman year of highschool. I just hated it in the locker room, so my mom got me VS push-up bras. Im still only a B at 27.

Also, one of my friends was smaller than I was(completely flat), and she was BY FAR one of the most gorgeous girls in our high school.

Boob size has nothing to do with your age, just your genetics.

  missmarley93  |  0

#60 - thank youu! ugh haha. i dont have the biggest boobs either and theres nothing i can do about it. some guys don't like boobs that much, like my boyfriend doesnt a whole lot cause his mom and sister have like huge boobs so he's been surrounded by them, he prefers a butt which he likes mine haha.

  woofis  |  0

the ONLY option is that she is flat chested unless the op is just using a retarded metaphore ther is NO WAY that a bump could be as big as even a small boob


#158. that exactly like me. i weigh 6 and a half stone and I'm 16. doesn't matter how much I eat I dont put on weight. therefor all of me is small including my chest. but I've decided to go for cosmetic surgery because I can't stand being teased anylonger. it's tearing me apart -.- feel sorry for the op like

  afatmonkey  |  0

Yeah. I once knew someone with three thumbs. But they were homeless and lived in my attic. I discovered him when I came home to see him eating my Lucky Charms. He then snarled and flew away into my chimney. I just shrugged and went to Publix. The free cookies there are so suprisingly delicious!

  xx3ginaxx3  |  0

Agreed, I don't get it! Where on your chest would you be able to get that big of a bump? Unless I'm not understanding something correctly. Please explain!

  idkweird  |  0

Well, if it welts up, it could be a good sized bump. Also, she could be saying it hit the top of her boob, left a large bump, so it would be like another boob growing out of the first?

Idk, Im just trying to come up with ideas!

  letmeinplease  |  0

I didn't know you could get bumps from injuries on anywhere but the head :s Yeah, swellings, but they tend to be smoother and generally not boob shaped.

If your boobs are small enough that a swelling would look lke one, I gotta admit I'm kinda envious. My boobs are 32HH, I haven't been able to run since I was 16. Grass is always greener on the other side eh?

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