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Today, while on vacation with my family, my mother told me to put my phone in her purse, so it wouldn't get stolen. Someone stole her purse. FML
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You'd think a phone in a pocket would be harder to steal than a phone in a purse, it's a smaller target and closer to your body. I'm sure at least someone had to have been wearing something with pockets.

This totally ruins the saying: "Mothers know best".


That shows her:) but sorry.

What exactly does that show her?

The mother had thought that by having the OP place her phone in the purse would keep it safe. As the purse got stolen, it "shows" the mother that it doesn't matter where you place a phone, it can still be stolen.

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How exactly is OP's life fucked?

What does it show her? That she shouldn't have ever tried to protect her daughter's phone in the first place? Because that phone would've disappered a lot faster then.

JustDerpin - Her life is fucked because her phone was stolen, so she can't go on the FML app and tell you what am idiot you are for questioning the fuckedupedness of an FML. Make sense? Good.

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#30, #24 just explained it..

#30 you're assuming the kid would lose it, which is probably not true. I've had a phone since I was 12 and I never lost it, only dropped it and broken it a couple times.

51- no, I'm assuming that her mom wanted to hold her phone because OP was about to set it down and leave it there or something like that.

You'd think a phone in a pocket would be harder to steal than a phone in a purse, it's a smaller target and closer to your body. I'm sure at least someone had to have been wearing something with pockets.

Ever heard of pickpocketing?

But then there's always the problem of taking your phone out of your pocket for a second, then forgetting it somewhere. At least if it was in a purse, it's harder to forget the purse somewhere.

It's a hell of a lot harder to steal out of someone's pocket than it is to grab a purse and run. I'd personally feel better knowing that I have something of value to me in a place where I'll most likely notice if it was taken right away and have a chance to do something about it.

#9 He said harder, not impossible. He even gave some valid points. Also, have you* ever heard of using a full sentence properly?

I use my bra as a pocket when I don't have pockets. Never heard of anyone getting it stolen when It's in there.

17- No one said it was impossible. I'm just saying I think it's more likely to happen.

Snatching a whole purse of goodies is harder than trying to fish a phone out of someone's pocket.... With thinking like that its No wonder that pawn shops were always so full in Hawaii.

Why I wear a fannypack.

Maybe OP is with the family on the beach? Mother (in a swim suit) sun bathed while everyone else went swimming (in the water, cell phones in water don't mix). Bad guy steals purse while mom is sleeping and family in ocean. Well thats my guess, its most likely wrong, but who knows.

pickpocketing is uncommon if you think about it. It is more common to steal a purse.

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That is quite a coincidence.

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Not really. It's ironic, if that's what you meant.

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Yes. That is what I meant.. I swear that part of my brain just doesn't work sometimes. :/

This totally ruins the saying: "Mothers know best".

I always thought it was " dad knows best, just agree with mom so she won't nag you"

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Ydi for relying on feminine products!

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Bummer :( Hope your phone was insured. Fuck both your lives...

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I'd be protesting for a new phone!

Who exactly would you protest against?

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The mayor! *rabble rabble rabble* they took our phones!

I think that's knowing as irony.

oops *known

Oh, the irony! Something similar happened to me, but with a backpack. Sucks. FYL, OP. I hope your mom gets you a new one.

You are so beautiful, where are you from? I'm Remington btw

40- Really? eHarmony didn't work for you?

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That is so creepy

45-If I could like your comment 100 times, I would. This is really why I come here. The comments :)

And thats the way the cookie crumbles