By mike - United States
Today, I was over my grandparents' house for my grandfather's birthday. For years they would talk to each other in Italian and I could never understand them, so I started to take an online class to teach myself Italian. Now I know all they talk about is how much they hate everything about me. FML
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  Enslaved  |  36

Hey, I thought grandparents normally love their grandchildren more than their own kids. (That's what my Papi told me) So I gotta ask, Why do they hate the OP so much?

  Capriccio22  |  13

That's what I thought too (that the grandparents were giant assholes) but the I read it again and, maybe, it could be a joke. My grandparents have a sense of humour a bit like that and this sounds like a practical joke they might play. I suppose op will soon find out, if he hasn't already, because they would tell him (and watch for that priceless expression).

I don't know, it's just a thought. But if it isn't a prank, and even if it is, the grandparents are really cruel

  buckerado  |  19

OP should just start nodding along, then say "Ya I hate that about myself too. Oh, and by the way happy birthday." in Italian. Then OP should just get up, walk over to the presents, and hand over the present. Then walk out like a badass, completely straight faced.
Boom, a bomb goes off as he walks away and he puts glasses on. *Becomes family badass*

By  MidnaLink  |  33

You should say "Voi due siete ridicoli vecchie scoregge che, evidentemente, non hanno amore per i vostri parenti". "You two are ridiculous old farts who obviously have no love for your relatives".