By Anonymous - 01/03/2013 07:02 - United States - San Jose

Today, after working out at the gym, I went to grab my bag, and realized that my phone was missing. Panicking, I reached into my pocket, pulled out my phone, and dialed my mom's number to tell her I'd lost it. It took me until the last ring to realize what I was doing. FML
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I guess it's brawn over brains in your case.

We all have our Dumb-Bell moments.


I guess it's brawn over brains in your case.

Time to exercise That muscle aswell.

You're not alone, It happens to the best of us.

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Truth. I have done similar things myself. One time my aunt was talking on her cell phone with my other aunt while she was driving, back when that was still legal. When she arrived at her destination she was gathering her purse and things up to go inside while still on the phone. Then she started to get a bit panicky and told my other aunt that she couldn't find her cell phone. My other aunt was giving her suggestions on where to look for it. This carried on for a good few minutes before they both realized what was going on. They both just laughed at their silliness and moved on. This happened years ago but it still gets a good laugh from the family every now and then.

I wonder what would happen if you realised this when she answered the phone and you told her, Ahh, natural selection at its finest. ;)

Just... Just how is this natural selection?

When OP was born, it's Natural Selection lol

This is why people need to stop throwing the term around...

Whatever lol, I understand my comment perfectly fine. Doesn't matter if you guys do ^-^ I posted my own opinion.

But definitions aren't opinion.

If it was natural selection he would have received a Darwin Award like moment where the mistake removed him from the gene pool ... This is just an oops moment .... Natural selection is survival of the fittest not necessarily the most physically fit mind you just the most fit for their environment in this case a technology age dependent on cell phones and computers.... Natural selection would have removed him as unfit if this were some bizarre and extreme situation or punished him by reducing his breeding status. I agree that people over use this term way too much.

Ummm sakata? Natural selection is more like an idiot doing something stupid to get himself killed therefore weeding himself from the gene pool... What you meant to say was that this guy was an idiot. Noting was done to rid the defective genes from the pool here...

We all have our Dumb-Bell moments.

True. At least it worked out for the best. It always feels like a weight has been lifted once you realize you have what you thought you lost.

LilLube 2

I see what you did there Pleo! Oh ho ho

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brain needs work out too !

First I thought "oh what an unoriginal comment" but then I read your username and understood why.

I know, right?! Lady Gaga is so... Reductive!

I really don't understand how people do this o_O

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Because #7 you're so "PERFECT" and have never misplaced anything, that's why you don't understand. Maybe one day the we can all be like you, na, what the hell am I thinking.

sometimes, people can be absent minded :) we have all managed to pull off something similar to this. I once thought I lost my glasses when i was clearly wearing them the whole time, took me a good 2 minutes to realize where they were...

I agree with #7, if you are looking for your phone and you find it to make a call, how do you not know you just found your phone? @37 That's not the same. It would be if while looking for your glasses, you put on your glasses to find them. Now would you really be stupid enough to do that?

I'm not saying their stupid. I just really don't understand how people "lose" their phone but are talking on it.

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I think someone needs to relax haha

You should've dialed yourself .

At least it rang a bell before it was to late.