By missprude666 - 19/01/2012 08:32 - Australia

Today, I had to sit through 10 minutes of hearing a man on the tram tell his friend in explicit detail about all the filthy sex acts he'd like to do to me. His friend told him to take a photo to jack off to later. When I tried to tell the tram driver, he told me to "take it as a compliment." FML
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strike up a conversation about how much you miss having a penis, and are regretting the surgery.


See what I mean?? People are ******* more creepy than ever :S

shanemaximo 7

That's not how you compliment people?? Damn, no wonder my pickup lines never work...

There wasn't really much the driver could do. I would probably tell you the same thing.

26, I've been told that I'd be kinky all the time because of the way that I dress. Also, that the mole on the back of my hand is hot.... And the best one, how amazing it'd be to **** in my hair.

39 - So, it wouldn't have been possible to tell these jerks to get the **** off the tram? Um, that would be the first thing I'd do if a fellow bus rider felt uncomfortable. I ride the bus all the time and the drivers are damn well allowed to kick someone off if they please.

#43 you sounds proud to be told that... Hopefully you are not. It's already bad enough to have these creepers saying these stuffs. I can't imagine if there are actually people out there who enjoys being talked about in a dirty way by random creeps.

@90 - Not with SOPA molesting the internet.

Kick him hard in the balls, and tell him how big they are. I'm sure he'd like the "compliment"

whosays1 7

^^^bad idea..he could grab her foot and basically have control over her movements.

The_Tool1 13

It's not creepy at all. I would do the same thing. Unless that just makes me creepy?

OG_Treezy 2

29, as a gamer, I love your profile picture! lol XD

Umm... I know I probably look pretty stupid, but... What's a tram?

SOPA affects the whole world, you know. Some foreign sites would be prevented from showing up in major search engines. And, SOPA and PIPA build a framework for future restrictions and suppression.

201 - a tram is another form of public transport its a bit like a bus except it runs on tracks along roads.

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linkinpark98 23

In what world is that awesome?? I'd like you to go though the same situation and see what your response is.

Glad to see you have so much time on your hands to analyze my comment. Lol enjoy life.

Sonotforyou u r an idiot. Stop changing the subject because u have no defense. And also, u got owned

Uhm no offense fearshrine and jmoney but what the hell are you guys talking about? Agreed what happened to OP is disgusting but I'm thinking sonotforyou was using a little something called sarcasm. I guess i could be wrong. As far as you bashing his intelligence...maybe he (along with myself) didn't realize that fml was the place to come showcase his intellectual self and just wanted to put up a funny comment. I didn't come on this site to learn. Douche

Tatally argee man. Why the hell would someone come to FML to be intellectual? Cause they realy are ****** stupid. Haha.

OG_Treezy 2

Don't bother being sarcastic on here. Everyone's a ******* retard and thinks you're being serious..

People just wanna believe no one is sarcastic because they just want to........ like wtf?? I love sarcasm.

Yeah it's too bad you missed it.. Good thing you caught the class "how to know exactly how someone will respond if they are actually being sarcastic"...? Not everyone thinks like you do pal. You must have made it to the "detecting who the dumbasses 'who think sexual harassment is cool' are on the internet" class as well. Good for you. Look, i didnt comment to start a war with a guy with a misplaced sense of superiority. I merely wanted you to realize that he was most likely ******* joking and it was wrong of you to attack him and perhaps you should think before commenting as well. Thank you. (hope you detected the sarcasm) ;)

The_9th_Doctor 18

how the hell is that awesome

AyooXKayytee 0

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OG_Treezy 2

I Love Sarcasm. Too bad everyone else on here is too ******* stupid to know what it is... XD

So that must mean your hot so YDI for being so hot :)

every1luvsboners 11

Only two pictures of the girl on the tram to fap to... Challenge accepted.

Amanyyyyyy 29

Lol #4's name is perfect for that comment.

His friend told him to take a picture and jack off to it? WTF!

"Bro, take a picture of her on your phone. You can, like, jerk off to her, man." "Sick idea, bro." *Douchebag fist bump*

ClassyCommando, I salute you, brother. *Respectful Salute*

strike up a conversation about how much you miss having a penis, and are regretting the surgery.

I wish I could press thumbs up more then once on this comment

linkinpark98 23

Oh geez, you don't even know how hard I laughed at this comment.

Urbanchiller 0

HAHAHA I laughed so hard. be like I remember when I was a guy like you

chels1994 11

I appreciate the way you think (:

mattclark 0

Thank you, you just made my day

I dont normaly "thumbs up", But 6 was an exception

Krajjan 9

6, you have just received the first and last thumbs up I shall ever grace another soul with in the vastness of the Internet. Cheers.

xSonic 9
HeyImAmy 20

"Ah! Those were the days!..... I remember when I still had my meat stick, like it was yesterday! Girls used to line up left and right, just to get a taste of my sausage! Those girls used to make me squirt my mayonnaise all over them! Ah! The days of being a guy! I sure miss that! (after the surgery and all) ;)

lol this is one of the funniest comments I have ever heard :)

alphatoomega 21

I think this is the highest rated comment on FML. And with good reason.

griffins33 4

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bobbycorwen 5

Where was the danger? She wasn't touched and rape wasn't mentioned. They were just blatant and open about it.

If you have the right to get on a tram and not be sexually harassed, so should she. And how could she possibly know it wasn't dangerous? They easily could have followed her and gotten physical.

rockyraccoon28 8

42, there is no way you can know that rape wasn't mentioned. I'm sure if they were talking about it for ten minutes, it came up in the conversation. not to mention, if that guy got to do any of the things he wanted to, it would undoubtedly be rape, because OP made it pretty clear she wouldn't voluntarily let them touch her.

Because it's sexual harassment, NOT a compliment.

InfiniteSecret 20

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Call the Cops. Also report him to his boss by giving him the Drivers license number and time it happened. **** that shit.

Ins_Knie 2

While it certainly is creepy, what's the charge? OP just overheard a private conversation, and if I understand correctly, Aussies have free speech, too.

diidiimi 10

Not sure it was harassment if they weren't saying it to her face. It was just ridiculously rude. Besides, given the amount of gangland crime in Melbourne and the spate of shootings in Sydney at the moment, I think they've got better things to do than chastise perverts, and are likely to say so. I liked the suggestion about going on about her sex change regrets. Best possible response!

MerrikBarbarian 9

Agreed. If he takes a picture it does cross a legal line. It's technically illegal to photograph someone without their consent. If he took the pic take a pic of him to show to police.

mintcandyapple 3

70- actually its a form of harassment which is not considered free speech and the tram driver should have kicked them off or at least offered some type of support