By drooooooool - 09/11/2010 17:17 - United States

Today, I was taking medicine for my sinus problems and trying to write an essay. I got most of the way done, then unexpectedly fell asleep on my keyboard. When I woke up, my face was wet. I drowned my laptop in my drool. FML
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did your essay end with `/s'ornnnnfjlbdndk`;lkrsgVDlm/smzxn, czcbxvnbn on and one for pages?

And your essay ran longer than "War & Peace," but the last 1200 pages are the letter 'f' where your nose came to rest.


Ahhw, that's just gross

keyboard face

ahhw? WTF is that?

That is disgusting and it sucks for you. next time don't put your face on a keyboard if you are sleepy. I doubt that you fell a sleep while sitting straight and fell on the keyboard without waking up

and your comment was a reply to #1 because?

eww... and that sucks

just dry it

yeah sinus meds double as sleeping pills...for some. Assuming you weren't aware of that...?

Maybe you should try a pillow next time! :P

Aww but it's so much more fun to wake up with marks from the computer keys indented into your face:(

Just give your laptop cpr :)

Exactly. Problem solved!

idiots obviously a difibulizor is the answer

Hope your computer isn't fried, OP. I don't think warranties cover "drool damage".

poor laptop

well I really enjoyed reading that. that's lush. :|

did your essay end with `/s'ornnnnfjlbdndk`;lkrsgVDlm/smzxn, czcbxvnbn on and one for pages?