By drooooooool - 09/11/2010 17:17 - United States

Today, I was taking medicine for my sinus problems and trying to write an essay. I got most of the way done, then unexpectedly fell asleep on my keyboard. When I woke up, my face was wet. I drowned my laptop in my drool. FML
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did your essay end with `/s'ornnnnfjlbdndk`;lkrsgVDlm/smzxn, czcbxvnbn on and one for pages?

perdix 29

And your essay ran longer than "War & Peace," but the last 1200 pages are the letter 'f' where your nose came to rest.


That is disgusting and it sucks for you. next time don't put your face on a keyboard if you are sleepy. I doubt that you fell a sleep while sitting straight and fell on the keyboard without waking up

and your comment was a reply to #1 because?

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yeah sinus meds double as sleeping pills...for some. Assuming you weren't aware of that...?

Maybe you should try a pillow next time! :P

Aww but it's so much more fun to wake up with marks from the computer keys indented into your face:(

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Hope your computer isn't fried, OP. I don't think warranties cover "drool damage".

well I really enjoyed reading that. that's lush. :|

did your essay end with `/s'ornnnnfjlbdndk`;lkrsgVDlm/smzxn, czcbxvnbn on and one for pages?