By harshdoobie - 18/01/2012 15:18 - Canada

Today, while looking in the mirror at my full-blown grease-spewing acne-riddled face, my father came up behind me and said, "Don't worry son, I had acne like that when I was your age". I replied, "No you didn't", and his immediate response while laughing was, "No, I didn't." FML
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It's ok OP. having acne at this age means you wont have it later in life, when it's probably more important. Also, that was interestingly descriptive o.o

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Just tell him "I have a bigger penis"


It's ok OP. having acne at this age means you wont have it later in life, when it's probably more important. Also, that was interestingly descriptive o.o

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Yea right I still have acne im 20 now, not as bad for sure but still got it

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You are correct, 19. Stress is such a huge factor. The best thing you can do for your skin is leave it alone completely as much as you can, and focus on a healthy lifestyle. The more you worry about it, the worse it'll get. However, diet and elimination of chemical products can also do wonders.

Well, i cant really say, i guess, only based off of what i've previously heard, because first of all i have a bad habit of touching my face, and im also a wrestler, so acne comes pretty easily to me. So i guess i'll take your word for it, thanks (:

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What ever you do don't **** with them, they'll get way worse and once they scab up you'll get nasty scars all over your face. I'm only 16, but I already have a few scars on my face from horrid acne. It is NOT fun.

It's okay OP, you're less prone to wrinkles when you're older. Yay

You can also get acne from skin Irritation, which is possible through things like shaving.

#15 I don't think that's the later in life he was referring to.. you're only 20.

So because I have clear skin through my teenage years that means I'll cop acne when I'm 30?

#82 No.. it just means if you have it when you're a kid it's most likely going to clear up as you grow up. Doesn't mean it reverses for people who never had.

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I think your twenties are important years in life that is the peak of a humans life, 20-30 just ten years and I'm almost 21 with acne -.-

I have tremendously horrible acne all over my face that has left just a horrific amount of scars. So much that most adults greet me by commenting about it 20 feet away... Oddly enough girls never seem to notice or act like they care though o_O. My doctors say that my acne is the result of a large number of viruses, toxic substances, etc. trapped in my body.

I used to have a horrific acne case, my doctor was rather shocked a 12 year old could have acne like it.. It was to the point where touching my face, even lightly, felt like a punch to the face. I was basically red. Additionally, my hair and face were incredibly greasy. Acutain (believe it's spelt different) cured all that up, it completely "de-grease-afied" my body. Pill a day for 5 months, and I'm better than ever. Stress does still cause some acne to poke through, though.

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Hey it just means he has oily skin which is good because it means his skin won dry out as fast while aging

No shit sherlock. That doesnt make them go away though....

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Yeah great cause a bunch of scars is an easier issue.

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Popping zits is the worst thing possible you can do for your skin. All it does is make the pore even bigger,(causing more acne), spreads the oil in your skin to other parts of your face, and causes scar tissue. And that's just a couple of reasons you shouldn't pop your zits. There are many more. Just don't do it. Unless you want worse acne and terrible scars..

All popping does is damage your skin, cause scars, and mess up your face

Well, now I hate my ******* parents. They forced me to pop them. :/

I popped what I had, and my skin turned out wonderfully clear. I'm 50 and look 35. Maybe you shouldn't pop them with a hammer and chisel.

There are ways to pop them without damage. First things first: wash hands and then rinse your face with water as hot as you can bare to widen the pores. Never pinch the pimple because that's all you're doing when squeezing >inward

Boo the rest of my comment was cut off! Continuing... Gently press against the skin around the pimple. If nothing pops out then don't force it. Just means it's not ready. Never pop without rinsing and then washing with acne wash that works for you to prevent damage or infection from spreading. Be gentle to your skin and resist picking at it. Also watch what you eat. Greasy and fatty food can cause brake outs too.

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Just tell him "I have a bigger penis"

But then his dad would say somthing like 'how do you?? are you gay son...'

No if op was gay, everyone knows cum to the face clears acne

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56- there is no such thing AT ALL, if you don't believe me... Google it

Sounds like you were considering it at one point...

You good sir are not good at understanding jokes 56.

I had horrible spots when I was younger. Just look after your skin, OP, and hold on to the thought that they'll go away eventually.

oooor you could wash your face every day..

Washing your face isn't going to magically clear or prevent acne. OP probably is hygenic and cleans his face. Acne happens to everyone

62- Now I get why the gay kids in my grade have clear skin!

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I washed my face every day but that didn't prevent my face from breaking out in middle school and my first year or two of high school. It was hormonal and I'm lucky that now that I'm 24, I just get a few zits every now and then.

Washing your face every day causes dry skin which clogs your pores and causes the acne you were trying to prevent.

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For years I washed my face with every product imaginable. Once a day, twice a day, every other day... I thought it would never get better. I finally went on birth control. Two months later, there was no sign of acne. Moral of the story: hormones suck.

He will get his karma soon. You just wait....

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what are you gonna do pedo, RAPE him?

Silly 128, didn't you read his profile picture? He's into little ones.

Sorry OP! Your dad is being mean and immature, they'll dry out sooner or later. Just drink lots of fluid, eat healthy diet and try not to touch your face too much with dirty hands! ;)

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Best thing you can do without accutane (I really really would suggest avoiding that stuff, it's pretty brutal) is to get a prescription for minocycline or doxycycline (or something similar), use benzoyl peroxide (over the counter), and clindamycin (prescription). Use the benzoyl and clindamycin together twice a day, and combined with the medication, it should really help.

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Get Proactive ! It really works :3

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Till you read all the horror stories of people's skin practically melting off after stopping it. I used it when I was younger and it took many years to recover from the damage it did to my skin. If I could go back in time and warn my 13 year old self, I would. At least I can do so for others.

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Bezynol Peroxide will dry your skin out really bad, but it will get rid of the acne quick! You have to use moisturizer with it, but I suggest the BP! It's available for a cheap price as well. I buy it for $4.35 at Wal*Mart. It's a good buy and it works. ;)

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Works for some, doesn't for others. You have to use proactive constantly for it to work.

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I honestly don't know anyone it's worked for...

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I first started using proactive when I was 12, it did wonders for my skin. I used it regularly until I was like 14. I'm 19 now and I hardly ever have any zits. I never had an issue with proactive when I used it, or when I stopped using it. I clean my face every morning, and at night after I wash it, I do a mask.

My dermatologist actually told me that it makes acne worse. If you have sensitive skin OP I suggest you avoid the stuff.

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NO. NO. DON'T USE PROACTIV! I used it for a little while my freshman year of high school, and oh man. The minute I stopped (because I couldn't afford it anymore), my skin broke out like crazy - even worse than it was before. I heard of the rumors before, that using Proactiv made your skin worse, but I didn't want to believe them and am still facing the consequences of that decision today. Seriously. Don't use Proactiv, ever. It left me with a whole bunch of those red acne marks that are, thankfully, fading somewhat today but still there. Try looking into Murad - I got free products for being their human guinea pig/tester, and it's helped me a helluva lot more than Proactiv.

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Well , it works for people who take care of there skin and actually do it right .

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Actually.. There is no skin that is the same. Everybody has different skin. Therefore different stuff works for different people. So suggesting something and saying that something won't work is not the right thing to say. Proactive works for a lot of people. But it also doesn't work for alot of people. Everyone is different. So use what you use and look beautiful while doing it! ;)

I'm with 105, go to a dermatologist! don't listen to these random people telling you to get Proactiv and Skin ID and whatever else.

123- you could have worded your comment a little less arrogant, but I do agree, it could just be the way it acts on different types of skin?

Skin ID works really well! :) and don't worry op lots of teens have acne

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OMG that's so funny!! Hahaha... No, no its not. Sorry OP, hopefully it gets better when you're older.

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If it is grease-spewing, you might wanna get that checked out.........