By VAngelique - 10/01/2010 14:48 - United States

Today, I confessed my love to a guy I've been flirting with for months. He then decided to reject me through a poem on Facebook for all of our friends to read. FML
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VAngelique tells us more.

Yea I did...

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just go through all his pics and tag his crotch with the label "small dick"


That's some crazy shit, yo.

something like that happened to me too, except i was already with the guy and that's how he broke up with me. i feel for you.

He's obviously just not that into you.

seriously. a few notes for all you young girls out there: -if he isn't persuing you, don't persue him because... -if he's sleeping with you, but not dating you... -if he doesn't call... -if he treats you like a friend or like dirt... he's just not that into you! sorry, hard truth, get over it cuz if he is acting like he doesn't care, its because he doesn't.

i can i read it ??

Kudos to him. I can never get myself to write a poem, let alone one about rejection. :

what a dick.

What was the poem? I want to read it!

He is into poetry, therefore he is gay. YDI for trying to "fix" a straight man, homophobe.

So everyone who is in to poetry is gay #9?

You must have "confessed" really, really, soppily for him to put that much effort into declining you, assuming he's a fairly decent guy.