By Lyn - 18/01/2012 11:15 - United States

Today, I'm supposed to start my new job as a Crime Scene Tech. Instead, I managed to electrocute myself with my hairdryer. I'll now have to attempt to explain to them that I really am qualified to safely operate an electrostatic lifting device, and other expensive equipment. FML
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rosha267 21

They don't have to know about it

finalyearsofhate 22

you shocked yourself op. electrocution leaves the person dead.. not posting to fml.


rosha267 21

They don't have to know about it

theten_fml 9

We went through this already! Stop using your blow dryer to warm up your food

Or as a heater while you sleep at night. I think this is off of strange addictions!

Just tell your boss the truth, I'm sure it won't be too much of a shock to them.

Love that shoe, I saw that episode, freaky lady. She's sleeps with it the whole night, that noise would drive me crazy.

seriously though why would you even tell them??

poppylamonzo 0
Torva_fml 16

Maybe.... You should just stay away from hair dryers....

hawaiianfire 0

You kill yourself from electricity all the time??

TheDrifter 23

Try turning the shower off and maybe get out of it before drying your hair. It saves on CPR.

29-op obviously didn't die because they wrote the fml...

Deitiy 0

It must have been a very long and hard training period.

I'm sure it was an accident, don't put yourself down!

SmittyJA24 26

Some things do not need to be shared with co-workers ... YDI.

KiddNYC1O 20

Thanks for sharing the censorship bar.

finalyearsofhate 22

you shocked yourself op. electrocution leaves the person dead.. not posting to fml.

brianfantana32 10
Torva_fml 16

You're joking, right? Please... Dear god..... Let him not be serious..... Lol, 13! You beat me by a couple seconds! Anyways... She's still retarded...

desireev 17

Electrocution does not always kill people. There are many many people who live to tell the tale. Know the facts before you try and correct people..

If she accidentally shocked herself with an electric chair maybe... Electricution is the term used when an electrical current passes through an organism. The voltage/amperage and thus lethality in the current makes no difference.

No. NO. NO!! Do you people really not know the difference between an electrocution and a shock? Here, I've gone through the trouble of looking it up for you. Electrocution (v): 1: to execute (a criminal) by electricity. 2: to kill by electric shock. It drives me completely apeshit crazy when people try to call someone stupid and try to "correct" her when the original person is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. I expect thumbs up for finalyearsofhate and apologies from the rest of you lot.

hawaiianfire 0

28, didn't you explain this the last time some FML claimed electrocution?

TheDrifter 23

Yes. Doc is good like that, I was still laughing too hard to type when he got here.

Ins_Knie 2

Doesn't matter, Doc is right. is your friend. It comes from 'electr(o) and execute'. As in 'dead'.

perdix 29

Sorry, DeeVee, but electrocution does mean death by electric shock. It is a word formed by combining electricity and execution. It's like drowning. If you drown, you're dead.

Akkuze 9

Electrocution means you've been killed by electricity... Is this what happens when people can't go and check their facts on wikipedia before posting?

Electrocution is when you KILLED by electricity. Get it? KILLED. Jeez you people should buy pocket dictionaries.

RedPillSucks 31

Wikipedia is blacked out today. Maybe that was their excuse. (ok, long shot...)

Torva_fml 16

I guess im sorry... I've grown up having people say "electrocute" when they shocked you with static electricity, or were shocked by anything... Thus why I wasn't aware of the literal meaning. I assume OP is the same, considering they used it the same way.

Torva_fml 16
brianfantana32 10

Just because you messed up with electricity once doesn't mean it will normally, you're fine, I'm pretty sure we've all messed up with electricity once.

It is 2012 you should change your picture.