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Today, I talked to my father for the first time in several years. I proudly told him that I have been attending Beauty School. He looked me up and down and said, "Doesn't look like you've learned much." FML
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I'm sorry, but after all the rage comics, I can only imagine a troll dad saying this.


my self esteem would raise just by the fact that jenna marbles commented on my post.

Well said 26. OP, the fact that your apparently absent(and absentminded) father had the audacity to sit there and be degrading to his daughter he hadnt seen in several years is incredible. I'd just as soon not know the guy.

That's just awful, if I was op I would kick my father very hard right in a VERY specific place ... In the balls

Don't be so harsh on the dad without the full story. She says she chatted with her dad, and I highly doubt she would begin the conversation with the beauty school comment. So you can assume that they must've been holding a decent conversation, since there is also no implication that it was a hostile conversation besides the comment. Now, with that in mind, is it hard to believe he was joking? All you can assume from the FML is that he looked her over then made the comment. What was his expression? Was he smiling? Maybe smirking? Personally, if my daughter told me she was going to beauty school and I felt like teasing her, I would say the same thing as a joke. But in the eyes of the FML community, I'd be a prick and should be disowned by my daughter because they don't actually know the full relationship that we'd have, only that we haven't talked to each other in a long time. Rather than taking in consideration that the OP posted this situation with lack of details to make it FML worthy. Think before you post ranting advice on an incomplete story.

Maybe if she used what she learned in beauty school on herself, she wouldn't be in this mess.

Well, 65. ANY father should NOT 'joke' like that. I personally think that you should never degrade a girl like that even if your joking. Not being mean, but girls Are very sensitive about beauty and should never be joked about, I know one too many girls that have terrible self image problems because of 'jokes'.

78- Lol, what? You have no idea what the overall context of his joke was, only that it's on FML. With that incomplete information, you assume it's degrading, when you have no idea what the full story is. Read my comment above if you forgot my argument. And seriously, give me a break with sensitivity nonsense. For starters, stereotyping does not help your claim. Second, self image is just that: your opinion of yourself. If you and your friends believe jokes are too hazardous to how you view yourselves, maybe you should focus on possibly controlling your own opinions of yourself rather than letting society do it for you.


I'm sorry, but after all the rage comics, I can only imagine a troll dad saying this.

Unfortunately if that was the career path I was to choose my dad would also say that...

33- REALLY?!?! Wow if you chose that as your career your father would say that!!!!

Someone needs a hug / or a front kick

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No wonder y'all haven't spoken in several years >.>

Good thing you're trying. Keep it up, show your dad what you become later on in life and become successful.(:

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There is no indication that op isn't successful now. Just coz her dad said something like that it doesn't mean she should try harder.

Awh look at the little guy!(: So cute and small.(:

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At least your parents don't call you bastard like mine sometimes do.

Your parents would pretty much just be insulting themselves then anyway ;)

Your dad is an ass. Doesn't he realize that insulting you, is insulting himself? You come from his genes?

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What if it's her step father?

Op would probably have said it was her step father. And wouldn't you try harder to connect with your real father?

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You also get genes from your mother. So it is possible OP got her looks from her mother. Thus for making her not as pretty. So OPs dad could be some hot ass model.

A hot ass model? I want to be an ass model...

Your best response "and looks like you're still the same bastard who raised me".

"looks like you're still the same bastard that didnt raise me" is more like it

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11 - I think OP's probably lucky for that.

Tell him you must have obviously gotten your looks from him.

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Lol, I agree with you #6 OP doesn't need to take that shit from his dumb ass!

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you can tell he's not good at talking to his daughter maybe u should see him more often so he will have a little more practice saying the right thing. then again maybe u don't see him that often because of his insensitivity...

If I was op, I don't know if I would wanna see him more often after that incident!

he sounds like a jerk off and that you dont need him anyways