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  sailorzoe  |  14

A lot of people call themselves vegetarian who eat fish and drink milk and eat gelatin as well. People are retarded; just accept this and your life will go better.

  No_LoveMM  |  3

Who the fuck is Charley Sheen?
Some wannabe faggot that is mimicking the pop culture phenomena Charlie Sheen, or a retarded spelling error of Charlie sheen that is nearly impossible to do on accident.

  sourgirl101  |  28

In the end, those that refuse to accept not everyone has the same life style are dumb.

***(Not saying you, since I do enjoy most of your comments, just not this one). I'm not a vegetarian but have no problems with those that are. (:


52-- You love meat? Gotcha ;)

As for charlee sheen and the others who think they know about vegetarians, what would you classify me as? I don't eat ANY sort of meat, including fish, and I don't eat eggs but I drink milk and I eat cookies if they have egg in it. So, in which category would I be considered in?

  enonymous  |  8

Vegans only eat raw food? Wtf steamed broccoli isn't vegan anymore?

what about corn? or popcorn?

also does a blow job count as not being a vegan or vegetarian? or is the swallowing part that ruins it?

  gofferurself  |  10

Vegans do not eat products that come from animals, including eggs, meat, milk, honey, etc.
Vegetarians do not eat meat. Some vegetarians do not eat milk, eggs, honey, etc depending on the reason for their vegetarianism. So vegetarians eat fish, many do not. Some vegetarians choose to not include byproduces (gelatin, lard, etc) to their restrictions.
Some vegans (and other people too) choose to only eat raw foods, but that is not a vegan diet, that it a raw food diet (I think this is also called a macro-biotic, but stand to be corrected on that). A jain diet only includes foods which do not kill the organism, so carrots are out, but milk is often accepted.

The range of diets is huge, and many different diets can be refered to by a single term.

(74- I think that Vegans would have an issue with blowjobs, but probably only the swallowing part, unless they were also very religious...but that is an interesting question)


71 I am a vegetarian I don't eat meat or fish but I do eat eggs and milk and other stuff like that. it's the killing of the animals I don't like, as long as the animals are well looked after I feel fine having dairy and eggs.