By brokebackanus - 18/12/2015 14:15 - United States - Detroit

Today, while jailbreaking my dad's phone, I found out the hard way that it's jam-packed full of my mom's nudes. FML
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That really sucks OP, but at least it was your mom-- your dad is probably still attracted to her, which is a good thing! Sorry you had to see that, though.

Time to find the brain bleach


Blackmail! Blackmail! Blackmail! you have given power. undesirable as it is, there is still power there.

How exactly could you blackmail someone about having their spouses nudes on their phone?

A07 48

How did you even come up with that? didn't you get the full 120 seconds to reconsider?

I'm sure #1 means that neither parent would want the nudes to get out and now he has access to them. Hence, blackmail. Didn't really seem hard to put together.

#14 Even then. I don't understand why in the world anyone would do that to their own mother. That's disrespectful. Like "Do this or I'm going to leak my MOTHER'S nudes."? What the actual shit? No.

Doing that to a woman is disgusting and horrible enough, let alone to your own family.

Xandrick 22

Leaking anyone's nudes is inconsiderate and disrespectful, and just downright vile. But to your own parent... no. Even worse.

Ldeliveryguy 7

hold this L bruh

I love how you're all getting so offended over what was clearly a joke not meant to be taken as serious advice.

Nope. Completely serious advice. 100% not a joke. It's Christmas time HAUL IN THOSE CHRISTMAS PRESENTS!!! or Daddy's friends are getting a very special Christmas card. *starts blackmail chant*. C'mon OP embrace your inner.... um..... person who does blackmail stuff.

A07 48

I incest you to not think of them

FalloutScrolls 25

That literally made no sense.

#23 it is a pun on insist

you literally have no sense of humor

I have no idea why you got any thumbs down. that's brilliant

It would have to read "I incest that you do not think about them" to make sense. With the current sentence structure, it does not make sense.

Time to find the brain bleach

Or a spark to gouge out their eyes.

Damn autocorrect, I meant spork.

paravoz 30

or a psychologist

That really sucks OP, but at least it was your mom-- your dad is probably still attracted to her, which is a good thing! Sorry you had to see that, though.

sorry that your soul has been devoured by your father's pink punisher

Dodge4x4Ram 46

Phoebe: my eyes, my eyes

I'm curious why you were jailbreaking your dad's phone in the first place.

poorjudgement 26

My tought exactly.

Can I have a tought?

I tought I taw a puddy-tat, but it was just a puppy in a fuzzy hat.

ShirtlessWonder 17

Most likely because the dad asked him to...

ABlindMan 17

Maybe his dad isn't technologically savvy enough to do it himself, hence he asked OP to help.

cheshireau 26

Next time, get an android. Saves jail breaking the phone and the photos permanently etched in your brain.

I'd give you my eyes to replace yours that were scarred by such images, but my vision SUCKS!

Why not just ask for attention?

Be sure to thoroughly drench your eyes in bleach. If you can still see, continue to poor until the ability to see is no longer an option.

However this won't delete the memory. Old proverb "what has been seen, cannot be unseen"

ctrl+a and shift+delete !

for your kind information, op is jailbreaking the phone which is done on a computer!

Animeisthebest1 14

Could be worse. Could have been some other woman's nudes.

could have been his