By Anonymous - 27/03/2015 20:28 - Australia - Sydney

Today, I found my dad's porn stash on his laptop. I went through it for a laugh to see what kind of sick, twisted shit he's into. Mostly nude pictures of my mum, as it turns out. I can't wipe the afterimage from my mind. FML
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Why would you want to find anything "sick and twisted"? And it sounds like OP looked at all of it :s

JMichael 25

Seems like OP is the sick and twisted one.

It seems like OP was wondering if his father looked at the same "sick and twisted" **** that OP does...

Only 2 ways I can think of are that he didn't realize it was his mom at first or he did realize it but thought the other stuff would be different.

agreed. also I find it sweet that it's mainly nudes of his mom :)

buttcramp 21

36, i laughed way too hard at your comment! 2, i totally agree. You never snoop!

Curiosity killed the cat. No satisfaction here to bring you back though.

This reminds me of the time I went through the pictures on my mom's phone. My aunt had just sent her a picture of her new boobs after a boob job. Not only can it not be unseen, but my aunt knows I saw and makes jokes about it still years later.

petitealien 1

Well, now we know what kind of sick,twisted shit you're into, OP!

And this is why we never snoop through other people's ****... some things are better left unknown.

Why would you even want to know what your dad jerks off to?

well you have to understand that he, too, is a man. and clearly the nude pics were consensual. And more importantly you were snooping around your father's personal property. so YDI !

hunterluv1 20

better than other women, no? be happy they still have that fire

Dillyduzit 23