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  my_user_name  |  7

So you sent your boyfriend dirty pictures and texts, but didn't talk to him or see him in a whole week? Didn't you ask him if he got your sexy stuff? Was the dad replying pretending to be your boyfriend? If so, that is messed up, FYL just for having a creeper like that around, but you still deserve it for not even mentioning it to your boyfriend to see if he got it.

  nond2nv  |  4

If you're dating someone young enough to be getting their phone taken away from their parents, I assume you're at an age that you shouldn't be sending naked pics.

  Dont_Explain  |  3

Who decides that age?
I have friends who are 19 and their parents would take their phone, but 19 seems reasonable.
You also get some very mature (physically and mentally) people from 12+, so who decides the age? and what is it?

  Zebidee  |  8

#176 - there have been a few cases recently where underage people have been charged with distribution of child pornography for sexting each other, so I'm pretty sure it's the government that decides that age.

  lolcanobear  |  2

I would say that they are clearly not in a 'committed relationship' where nakey pics are acceptable, not that I think they are ever acceptable, if she only finds out a week later that that the dad has the phone. Do they not speak or keep in contact any way other than text?

By  Cinn_fml  |  22

There's a College Humor video about this kind of thing. This is the danger you take in sending those kinds of photos/texts, if you're not prepared to deal with the risk, then you should be more careful about sending stuff.

  Lukee  |  0

Let's talk about sext I guess let's talk about no regrets let's talk about getting flirty and getting dirty with SMS let's talk about sext, let's talk about sext!

  Quid_Pro_Quo  |  1

So anything else you send people is okay to be seen by the world as well then? I doubt it. Just because you don't like the content of the text automatically means anything bad that happens from it is okay to you. How disgusting.