By Anonymous - 18/12/2015 13:34 - Sri Lanka - Colombo

Today, I accidentally farted while on my flight home. It was silent but so deadly that several people were visibly distressed. The overweight guy sitting next to me got a bunch of dirty glares. I was too ashamed to own up to it. FML
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Cyrus00 41

People always blame the fat guy....

That was mean of you


That was mean of you

Wasn't just mean, it was pretty shitty.

Today, while traveling on an airplane, some asshat next to me ripped a silent fart that could make Satan cry. Everyone around us thought it was me. FML

A07 48

Whoa, what did you eat?

Must be that airline food.

What foul play

Cyrus00 41

People always blame the fat guy....

Poor fat guy. Thrown under the bus.

Sad, but true.

31, I think the fat guy was the bus.

I think sometimes people forget skinny people fart too

Dodge4x4Ram 46

like none of us would have done the same, especially a girl.

Professionals don't fart... Oh wait, that only applies to private tutors

Ldeliveryguy 7

here is your L

Why is this your FML? Seems to me that poor guy was getting blamed for your smelly ass fart. You got off easy

As embarrassing as it may seem, OP, you would never want to be put in a situation where people assume it's you based upon looks. Think about that should a situation like this ever occur again.

It would have been embarrassing to have to actually say that you farted in front of strangers, so I don't blame you for keeping quiet. It's not your fault that everyone was rude enough to automatically assume the larger dude did it.

I feel worse for the man next to you. F HIS life for getting judged because you were too chicken to admit you were human and had a bodily function.