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  Sputnikspak  |  13

It would creep me out to get a naked picture of my mother, because that would be in a sexual context, but I've seen her naked enough times (she had cancer, I had to bathe her and dress her at her worst for like two months) that THAT part isn't creepy. If she wanted to pose for an art thing or whatever? Wouldn't bother me.

There are burlesque pictures of me on the Internet - professional photographer.

  Uramonkey  |  11

86 - Because OP was not in physical pain and there was absolutely no sucking of any kind involved. The comment was completely irrelevant to the FML. That MUST be why I just can't think of any other reason :/.

  TotomatoJr  |  9

That's completely different. As a baby you don't know any better. Suck boob, get milk. Baby Logic. But as you grow older you're less and less exposed to that nature. Think of it like this: Would you be comfortable being naked in the presence of you mom? Seeing as though she's already seen your shamallamadingdong.

  Wizardo  |  33

Yeah I doubt anyone would remember being breastfed seeing as though it happens most likely in the first year of your life but I get your point, boobs are boobs, get over it.