By Rusty - 12/12/2015 00:49 - United States

Today, I did slightly below average on my programming project. Aside from it being unnecessarily difficult, I also couldn't focus on it due to problems at home. After I confided in my colleague about it, I heard him mutter, "I knew women are crappy programmers". FML
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Sexist pug.... I couldn't think of another word to match the other comments.


friedpwnadge 25

Sexist sexist.

Sexist sexist prick

And you would think that women would be better at fine tuning things like programming considering that they're generally more intelligent than males while males are generally stronger...

Lol. Look at the distribution of IQ scores between men and women. the average for both is right around 100, with men making up the majority of the very unintelligent and extremely intelligent sides. Men are nature's test sex because of their smaller investment in reproduction. because of that, there can be a sustainable population with some men at 80 IQ, and then some will be 145. women are very commonly right around 100 IQ with a miniscule percentage nearing genius level. 1/10-1/8 geniuses are women depending on what source one may use.

Somehow I doubt that's true

What source?

From a girl in programming, we rock!

You do! Have a thumbs up! And OP obviously that colleague isn't the right person to confide in, I hope you find someone who can show a bit more compassion in the future. Keep up the awesome work too!

Indeed, it's a great feeling when we get to show up the guy who insists he's much better and we're useless. OP don't worry, you can redo the project as practice and you'll know what you're finding difficult. :)

It has nothing to do with gender, it all has to do with how well a professor teaches it and your own ability to grasp the subject.

Sexist cow.

Sexist ocelot

I find calling this guy a sexist pig for something so minor to be more sexist

don't try to argue with one of them, they'll try to bring you down to their level.

Wizardo 33

Sexist dick

Sexist pug.... I couldn't think of another word to match the other comments.

There's a "sexist _____" theme going on

no shit you sexist cunt!

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Wow, rude. Fuckin sexist asshole

Female coder here, and I am in the top handful of my class (which contains a mix of men and women). Inversely, there are men in my class who struggle and are constantly bugging people for help.'s almost as if gender has nothing to do with it.