By Anonymous - 12/12/2015 02:38

Today, my ex texted me after more than a year of no communication. He wanted to know if I was interested in having a threesome with him and his current fiancée. FML
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Take a screenshot of that, spread it around and show the world what a douchebag he is....


It could have been his friend on his phone... Or OP's ex is seriously messed up

whatarethisss 23

Maybe OPs ex would rather have a threesome with OP than someone else.

Why? Only people who are douchebags want threesomes?

Just because he would rather have a 3sum with his ex because he knows her does not make the question any less ****** up.

The issue isn't that he wants a threesome, but he asked an ex that he obviously isn't friends with and I'm guessing the relationship didn't end well.

He just wanted to see if you were single and wanted a threesome? What's the big deal fml? People can be whiny bitches.

Okay that's almost as dispicable as ops ex.

Well, I'm going to take an extremely wild guess and say no, #3.

His question actually isn't as stupid as it sounds. My wife and I did it with my ex... Mind you we were all friends after the break up for a long time

I searched through the comments just to find one that said this.... inquiring FML users wanna know.

Idk 36, I'm pretty sure OP stated that her and her ex had no communication for the past year. Which probably meant they were not on the best of terms after the break up.

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This made me think of the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz.

But... Scarecrow had a brain the whole time... lol

Do you have something against threesomes?

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He needs to make like a tree and **** off! If anybody watches TPB you'll get the reference, lol.

mds9986 24

Trees can't **** off because they can't move.

snowy0413 16

#28 A tree just came and knocked on my door....he told me that you're a little bitch

mds9986 24

Well I highly doubt that happened, 33. You may want to get your head examined of it did.

the original joke is like a tree and leaf. but in tbp they **** it up and it's beautiful. the rest of you just seriously lack in the intelligence department

mds9986 24

Not getting a reference doesn't mean somebody is stupid. You, however, may be lacking in that department if you think so.

And what made him think that he can ask you that.

IridianShadow 20

How could he.... approach the subject matter like that? You ease into those things, not bulldoze into them. Some people.