By Frosty - 06/04/2009 07:13 - United States

Today, while at work at Wendy's, a lady came through the drive-thru with her kid. As I was handing them their order, her child points to me and exclaims "mommy, I thought you weren't supposed to work at places like this when you get older". FML
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r_frost20 tells us more.

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I posted this comment yesterday as frosty. I just thought I'd clear up a few things for the repliers. Yes, I agree the job is lame. I'm a co-manager, though, and it pays well for what it is. I made 38000 dollars last year I'm only 22. I've worked there since I was 15. Way too long. I am a college student. I attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, which is quite a prestigious art school. I'm an animation/sound design major (Dual major). My current GPA is a 3.55 I have a full scholarship since my high school academics were pretty good. I posted this because even I thought it was hilarious.

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it's somewhat true. lol. but i won't bash you because at least you have a job.

Cheers for actually doing your best to sustain yourself during your studies ^^


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aww.. well at least you still have a job.

Sometimes a little thing called pride gets in the way.

it's somewhat true. lol. but i won't bash you because at least you have a job.

hey, kids are assholes and they don't know better. I have friends with masters degrees that are waiters & waitresses because there are no jobs in this economy. I also have a lot of friends who can't even find work, and a lot of older people who got laid off ad can't get jobs ANYWHERE. be thankful you have a job. oh and spitting in the food always helps

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Kids are lame. Don't even worry about it. I'm sure the mother was just as embarrassed at being outed as a twat.

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kids say the darndest things

agh, that's just harsh. kid should learn some manners. but hey, you're earning more than he is..

That mother should get smacked around for teaching stuff like that to her kids... pff

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Well a job like that wouldn't be a good job to have for the rest of your life, but you're still right though because sometimes college students work there and like someone else said, the economy sucks and sometimes a job like that is all someone can get for the time being. That little kid really made his/her mom look like a douchebag though

Haha, you failed at the game of life. Unless you're the manager, then you placed fourth.