Guitar Porn

By massachusettsan - 25/06/2014 00:07 - United States - Monomoy Island

Today, I got the same feeling in my chest when I orgasmed as when I hit a hard section in Guitar Hero. FML
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BradTheBrony 19

I fail to see the problem.

mmaalouf97 12

hard much..?


mmaalouf97 12

hard much..?

Gotta love cheap thrills.

Guitar Hero is the shit.

I see what u did there #1 :D

Yah, it was not that hard to see #75!

Sorry, but your life does suck OP

gjikvtj 18

Duuude on an FML? Duuuude

14, your profile picture gets me every time.

gjikvtj 18

Sorry bugs

Gee, I wish there were a button to express that sentiment.

BradTheBrony 19

I fail to see the problem.

I bet you are a great guitar player. :D

*guitar HERO player

WD_Stevens 22

Very true, 61. Paul McCartney's children have beaten him at Guitar Hero and he's just said 'Well, I wrote the originals so nyerh.'

be grateful, excessive masturbation is a real problem here in america...

I have the same problem when I play too! Maybe we should play together?

gjikvtj 18

Do you need some water because....

juan3611 14

The thirst, it's real.

Maybe guitar hero is the one for you

You should by a real guitar

You should by a real education.

BunchieRules 31

You should buy a vowel. Perhaps "u" would suffice.

Oh God, the irony.

Let's start by spelling buy correctly, and then go from there

brings guitar hero to a whole new level. fyl, you might need a new hobby.

Well you're easily pleased.