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Today, I handed in the answer sheet an hour into a 3-hour long exam because I couldn't answer most of the questions. Now, everyone thinks I'm genius because I "finished" quickly and they want me to tutor them. FML
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Exactly, it shouldn't be hard to explain why you finished first, and honesty is the best policy here.

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That's gonna be embarrassing as hell though..

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I have had similar things happen but the difference between me and here is that I actually study and also had an anxiety attack during a test. I have had times where I had to go back to the professor during office hours and ask for an oral exam so that I may pass the test. Not to get more study time, but to prove to the teacher that I knew the material. Op should try it for a better grade if the professor would allow it.

Honesty is always the best. No matter what you do you be honest and it will help you in the future.

That's okay, people make mistakes. OP should tell the truth anyway & just learn from it for next time he has a big exam.

Taking advantage of the assumptions..perfect.

#2 you said almost the exact same thing in the last fml. TRENDSETTER

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"And this right here is the angular velocity of the momentum's acceleration to purportuate the incline's trepidacious curtanominy. All you have to do is carry the one. Understand?"

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Well, they will find out how genius you are when the results are there.

YDI, I've had exams like that before; where I didn't understand how to do a lot of problems. However, I always tried my hardest and stayed all 3 hours. Next time don't be a quitter.

I've had many exams, some of which were very difficult. In most cases, I stay till the end, and hope I can remember things, but ONLY if I think I'll get a C or better. In some cases, it's better to just not take the exam if you think you can barely manage to pass - then the only consequence it that you lost one of your LIMITED attempts to get a good grade. For example, we can only take the same exam twice - I wouldn't waste one of those to get "barely passed"

#4 how do you see not sitting for 2 hours doing nothing as quitting she new she was gonna fail and just turned in what she knew. sounds like you and op need to study more before a test. it's ok blame Canada lol

And did you suddenly and miraculously remember how to do the problems by sitting in a silent hall for an extra hour or so? If you simply know you don't know the information, wasting time by staying until the end is pretty pointless.

Well if OP actually studied then one should know how to at least start the problems. Clearly you haven't written am exam before.

Why waste an extra 2 hours on an exam you know you're not going to do well on? OP said she couldn't answer most of the questions. She's going to fail whether she stayed or not. I doubt the answers would have magically come to her. Best she can do is try and be more prepared for her next future exams. Personally, I always did better the second time around once I was able to learn the professor's style of quizzes.

When in doubt, bullshit your way out! C'mon! Even if you don't know a single thing, trying is better than giving up..

@19, clearly, you haven't studied for an exam before

Yes but what if you came to the conclusion that you really couldn't answer said problems?

Not all schools (or teachers) have the same exam policy. For many, there's no second chance -- I'm guessing most three-hour exams are one-shots, because for second chances the teacher would have to prepare an equivalent exam and spend at least another three hours administering it. And for many, the final grade is calculated not from letter grades but from the actual scores -- so 50% would be a lot better than 30%, even though both would get an F. So I guess it depends on the system. If there's anything like partial credit, stay and do what you can. If an F is an F, the test isn't scaled so your score relative to other students isn't another factor, and you're absolutely certain you can't come up with any better answers even if you think about it for another two hours, leaving might be a way of cutting your losses. Of course, studying even an extra two hours ahead of time could've reduced losses, too.

Yeah, but what if there's a test on the quadratic equation and you don't know/remember what it is? Seems pretty damn pointless to stay 2.5 hours if you can't answer ANY of the questions. I mean, quadratic equation isn't a great example because there are other ways of finding out the answer, but what I'm trying to say is that if you're lacking information and there isn't any other way to solve a problem, then why stay? Also, what if the test was history? Remembering names, dates, places, that sort of thing is just rote memorization and if you didn't study really hard and well, then it's probably not coming back to you. Just my opinion. OP I think this is both YDI and FYL because on one hand, not studying enough for a three-hour-exam that was you were obviously told about in advance is stupid, but on the other hand, we all have those tests that we just can't pass.

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You're an idiot for assuming OP didn't try. Not everyone has to work until time is up. Have you even considered that OP already went over the questions at least twice before deciding he didn't understand them?

"Fake it until you make it." Make sure you charge them too hah.

They'll probably figure out eventually that OP isn't as smart as they seem

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At no point did the OP mention cheating. Perhaps read before responding, eh?

Well tutor them and during the next exam they will fail. Now that would be hilarious

Try and tutor them from the book and then you will teach them and yourself

So everyone thinks you're a genius instead of knowing you don't know anything about the class. Could be worse!

Tell them the truth and start a study group together, rather than a tutoring one!