By stupidcunt - 14/04/2014 23:43 - United Kingdom - Colchester

Today, I was looking at the map on my phone whilst walking down a street. I heard the sound of a bike behind me so I moved to let the cyclist past. He snatched the phone out of my hand and sped off. FML
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larrena2377 26

I would say call the police, but....


conman531 23

Chase after him and run him over. That's just a suggestion though.

OP will literally have to RUN him over

#1, I personally have never been able to defy physics. When did first learn you could?

Thats like saying all black people are thieves. You are an true ignorant asshat.

Wrong. The vast majority are actually nice people. It's 1%-ers like these that give us a bad name.

#36 Humans are assholes. We have such potential for greed and dishonesty it's sickening.

Well that's a little rash #36.... "Gets on bike" instant asshole!

Hahaha I love OPs username. Is that what you call it?

larrena2377 26

I would say call the police, but....

Too bad the map couldn't tell OP where the thieves were.

Thank you for pointing that out for us. We had no idea..

#17 that really only works in your favour when thr comment is downvoted.

It must be asshole day. Try a phone tracker? Track my iPhone is one for apple products.

Well, it'll be too late to get a tracker since the phone is already stolen

You can get a tracker on a friend's iPhone or iPad or find my iPhone website.

You are on to something here, I feel it!

If that were the case, pedestrians would need plates too wouldn't they? The only reason cars and motorbikes have them is because they're deathtraps.

autumndobbs 11

Hope you found where you were going.

Well, now you can get a newer fancy phone ;).

larrena2377 26

Hopefully OP has insurance on it

Sorry, but you deserve it when you don't pay attention. At least look up once in a while, or stop on the side.

Sorry but you're ******* stupid if you think someone deserves to have their phone stolen because they were looking at a map instead of being lost so they could make sure there weren't any phone stealing bikers around.

I agree with #11. Phone or not, the thief was coming from behind so either way OP was kind of screwed. She doesn't have eyes on the back of her head. Using a phone as a map is using your resources; in my opinion she didn't deserve it.

Ihavegas 22

this may have been an opportunistic crime. the phone must have been clearly in view. op wasnt paying enough attention to her surroundings and the asshole snatched. There's been a few crimes like these mainly purses and handbag. as a driver I see people walking around glued to their phones and tech gear, even crossing the road without looking. I once saw someone on his mac book at a bus stop in the middle of the night using it as a camera!!? fact is there will always be crime and you have to do your part in protecting yourself and preventing it from happening to you. lets hope you get your phone back and learn from this.

arandomusernameaa 20

When you use your phone it is always going to be in clear view ...

So this is how you justify thieves... I've always wondered.

27: Tell that to some using a Bluetooth headset.

#19 Makes a very valid point. Do not make yourself into a target and you are much more likely not to be. Mostly no one deserves to have their phone snatched up like that, though.

@19 exactly... I live in the 3rd safest town in the us and still worry about my phone being stolen

#48: You can't look at the screen with a headset.

olpally 32

Did you run after the cyclist? I would have chased after them! What a jerk!