By micheal - United States
Today, while I was delivering pizza in the torrential downpour, I waited 5 minutes in the pouring rain for an old lady to dig 20 bucks out of her purse. Her total was $19.99. She told me to keep the change and make lots of money. FML
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  maz_irken  |  6

RWJ is awesome. That guy showed me that joke!

7:00AM wakin up in the morning
gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs!
gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal,
seein everything the time is goin
tickin on and on

  robbiboyo  |  0

rwj has his occasional funny joke, and Dane cook is fucking hilarious, but you have to take it in segments. I love dane cook but I couldn't watch him live. and rwj took that russian joke from an actual comedian that used to say it like 10 years ago.

  BWill9014  |  4

27, you're being called dumb because your reply to the comment 18 made it seem like you were completely oblivious to the 18's sarcasm... even after they wrote "sarcasm" in their comment... whether you really didn't realize the sarcasm or not idk... but it seems that you didn't... oh and 41 is just retarded

  YacL  |  15

190- Well jeez, she's talking real life here. Ryuk is only a cartoon character, like someone said before me, that woman is someone's mom and someone else's grandma.

  HopeeBB  |  8

damn no one said he had a dollar! plain and simple we said if made 1 penny for ever delivery he had and he did 100 deliveries he would have $1...

  luvppl  |  6

People really need to, oh, I don't know, THINK before they comment. To all those idiots that are arguing about the $1.00-100 deliveries thing: 1) use your brain, or whatever else is up there for you, 2) learn some basic math, and 3) read the comments that other people have already proven correct/incorrect, because commenting now makes you look twice as stupid. (P.S. Twice means double, so take your original stupidity, and multiply that by two.)
Glad I could help and give you some advice!

  YacL  |  15

I would, if it was raining as hard as OP described. She'd just be letting him inside in front of the door, it's not like he's making himself at home.