By micheal - 21/06/2011 16:52 - United States

Today, while I was delivering pizza in the torrential downpour, I waited 5 minutes in the pouring rain for an old lady to dig 20 bucks out of her purse. Her total was $19.99. She told me to keep the change and make lots of money. FML
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Well... back in her day I'm sure that was a fortune?


rallets 22

its a penny dude.. seriously?

i remember gettin screwed on pizza delivery tips...but in the end it all balances out when u get a huge tip every now and then

jonathanhand 0

In Soviet Russia, pizza delivers you.

tpreston 0

They get so happy when they see that $1!

lilxsexii 4

jonathanhand, ray William johnson much?

rallets 22

thats joke been around longer than that douche

maz_irken 6

RWJ is awesome. That guy showed me that joke! 7:00AM wakin up in the morning gotta be fresh, gotta go downstairs! gotta have my bowl, gotta have cereal, seein everything the time is goin tickin on and on EVERYBODYS RUSSIAN!

RWJ is funny as Dane Cook... he isn't funny.

at least she didn't pay in exact change, you got $.01 outa her, lucky man.

rwj has his occasional funny joke, and Dane cook is ******* hilarious, but you have to take it in segments. I love dane cook but I couldn't watch him live. and rwj took that russian joke from an actual comedian that used to say it like 10 years ago.

hirsheybar 0

looks to me as if she just rained on your parade

Erm...... Why are we talking about comedians on FML?

The pecking order goes like this: Demitri Martin > everybody

XxA7XKillerxX 1

He didn't start that... _ -.-

216 we all know that Mitch Hedberg is king

well after 100 deliveries u are 1$ richer...1$ can buy tons..... -sarcasm- cheer up, better luck with next deliveries

$1 for 100 deliveries? That's a little shallow!

it actualy only a penny not a dollar -_-

It's actually one penny per delivery, and $0.01 times 100 deliveries is $1.00, so they are right. Learn basic math, I mean, $0.01? Wow...

actually he gets 1 CENT. 20-19.99=.01=1 cent= not 1 dollar

ur all ******* retarded he's saying if he made 100 deliveries he'd only make a dollar if everyone gave him a penny

eyez_lay_low1921 0

it doesnt matter it sucks either way.! & the old lady is still a bitch, i hope she chokes on the pizza and dies....

guyoholic 0

aye! that old lady is just being generous! she could have just have kept the penny -.-

72- I can't believe there are people out there that take death that lightly.

imbordsoimhere 0

well yah 1 cent but depending on where u live there could be taxes

Lumenoire 0

That's ludacris. 50 Cent would've been better.

Lumenoire 0

That's ludacris. 50 Cent would've been better.

guyoholic 0

well apperently there wasnt taxes because she gave him the penny? And generally tax is more than just a penny

maz_irken 6

93- I see what you did there!

how am I dumb? I was replying to previous comment! if you don't get it then maybe your the unintelligible one! Don't personally attack me!

27, you're being called dumb because your reply to the comment 18 made it seem like you were completely oblivious to the 18's sarcasm... even after they wrote "sarcasm" in their comment... whether you really didn't realize the sarcasm or not idk... but it seems that you didn't... oh and 41 is just retarded

dancerNsinger4li 0

dude really, thats somebody's grandma! get a life and grow up fool!!!

41 you should know that 27 was correct. 1 delivery= 1 cent. 100 deliveries= 1 dollar. $0.01 x 100= $1.00 So $1 for 100 deliveries.

No I got the sarcasm, hence my sarcasm to the reply! People just take thongs too seriously and way out of context sometimes!

rioloveliz 0

image-the death god. comment-dont look at death that lightly. words of wisdom and irony

Yeah 187, I figured you were being sarcastic but I was just saying that it wasn't obvious enough for the majority of the fml community to get it

187, Lots of women take thongs seriously, Even some men.

got it! I'll be sure to be much more blatant with my sarcastic comments haha! (:

190- Well jeez, she's talking real life here. Ryuk is only a cartoon character, like someone said before me, that woman is someone's mom and someone else's grandma.

carmenm 6

you need some math lessons he doesn't have $1

damn no one said he had a dollar! plain and simple we said if made 1 penny for ever delivery he had and he did 100 deliveries he would have $1...

People really need to, oh, I don't know, THINK before they comment. To all those idiots that are arguing about the $1.00-100 deliveries thing: 1) use your brain, or whatever else is up there for you, 2) learn some basic math, and 3) read the comments that other people have already proven correct/incorrect, because commenting now makes you look twice as stupid. (P.S. Twice means double, so take your original stupidity, and multiply that by two.) Glad I could help and give you some advice!

levraea 0

yeah actually, 102 said that op had a dollar and im pretty sure everyone knows simple math, asshole, no need to spell it out, k? k.

NikkiFlysKites 8

She was somewhat generous. She could have asked for that penny back and caused OP to have to stand longer in the rain.

missIrene 6

old bitch. I'm not one to wish something bad upon another but hey karma loves to make it's rounds

I usually give them a $100 bill and let them take a tip from that the best part is they never take a tip from that lol

RecklessJellyBea 7

She could've invited you in..

peakcheer 2

that's what I was thinking^^

flockz 19

or she could of paid him in sexual favors if op is into that type of thing...


I hope her karma has been better through out her life, she's not gonna be around much longer lol

imbordsoimhere 0

To think i just ordered pizza in the middle of a huge thunder storm... Luckily we have an over hang blockin the rain from the front door!

Well... back in her day I'm sure that was a fortune?

GreenMaze 0

well you cant just pull a penny out of someones ass. just saying...

InfernoVivo 12

Lol 1 cent? FYL Though, I would be slightly insulted by that

I know! Then again, who would let a random pizza guy into their house? Even if you were buying the pizza.

I would, if it was raining as hard as OP described. She'd just be letting him inside in front of the door, it's not like he's making himself at home.

meggieh815 0

8-- your picture made my day. hahahahaha :)

Really you'd be insulted? How different than everyone else's opinion. Thanks for sharing.

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MyDixiNormous 0

I'm pretty sure some local ladies around a street corner could give him some good tips on how to make money.