By Charles - 21/06/2011 16:59 - United States

Today, I was sitting at the computer browsing various websites. In my attempt to scoot the chair forward, I hit my knee against the desk that my computer was on, and ended up breaking it. I literally broke my knee sitting on my ass. FML
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What kind of various websites were you browsing?

Clubpenguin is where it is at these days.


All I got to say is wow

"various websites"? you mean porn right?

Then don't say it because it is not profound at all in the least way.

It probably was WoW that caused it...50 bucks says he tries to tell people it broke while wrestling with a polar bear

How is this even possible??? Are you made of Popsicle sticks and paper mache? D; FYL

It takes a remarkable amount of skills to do that.

50 monopoly dollars and your on

I don't do monopoly dollars... I will trade you a park place in the McDonalds monopoly game... it's fucking park place's a sweet setup. 3000 square ft. Your toilet paper has it's own toilet paper... Cognac coming out the shower...

As long as it's 2-ply. Otherwise he's probably out of the deal. :)

Well, at least we all know OP has got skillz

I'm not surprised-he's a masshole.

all I've got to say is : better than breaking your ass by sitting on your knee.

in return you shall receive 1 dimond encrusted soild gold mcmugget

Achievement complete: "laziest bastard alive" 50p

You could've said more than "wow". You might have said "Oh, that was silly of you." or "I do hope it heals soon!" or "I bet all my money you were looking at porn." instead of "wow". All of those things would've made a better comment. But you commented to say essentially nothing. A small knee-related aside, I have luxating patellae (patellas?) which means my kneecaps like to pop out and do stuff. Sometimes I fall over, which is always fun. Also, criticism and asides aside, it must have taken some strength to break your knee :c

C-C-C-Combo breaker ;)

Really? An internet porn joke, #24? Are you looking forward to the 8th grade once school is back in session?

how does this even happen

I don't think there is even a phrase to explain how fucked up this is

Did you hurt the desk?

well maybe you should drink more milk then

What kind of various websites were you browsing?

lmfao nice xD

I think that we all know the answer to that question. 

Clubpenguin is where it is at these days.

30 but what are the other websites? Disney channel, cartoonnetwork, maybe the occasional nickelodeon.

You're all idiots. He's obviously playing Toontown.

dammit u guys cant you tell it was poptropica?

it's obvious it was stumble upon ;)

oh we all know what he was on;)

I believe the website he was looking at was Pixie Hollow.

Nah, it was surely Jump Start.

it was wizard 101

my money's on runescape...

nah, c'mon guys! it was pornn!(;

I say he was on WoW and he died, causing him to ragequit, making him smash their knee. Lesson learned: Drink some milk.

As others have said Runescape is the way to go. Or perhaps the occasional Adventure Quest.

I think he jumped in fear because he saw his first lemon party

OP was obviously playing LEGO Universe.

my moneys on

Nahh, he was playing Hello Kitty Online Adventures!

121- or his first blue waffle.

When a good game of solitaire goes bad.


Lol! Exactly what I was thinking!!

what r u guys talking about he was easly getting new mods for minecraft we all know how thoes damm creepers are like without god mode

he was on Habbo hotel

Um, he was obviously watching mylittlepony p*rn. Duh.

135 thanks for bringing that picture to my mimd

it was obviously "goatse" DONT GOOGLE IT!

I use to be an adventurer like you but then I took a computer to the knee

lmao, way to go.. YDI

what maybe it's a sign

How hard did you trying schootching forward?

right!?! I think op was doing some scotching before scootching (or scooting) chair forward. how do you break a knee just by bumping it on a desk? unless, maybe the computer fell on it?

Bravo sir *snaps fingers tastefully*.

at 31 the hair actually looks good

schootching? ur so cute

OP must have been watching lemonparty and wanted to see it closer.

that takes hard core skill xD

If you're going to watch porn, put it in fullscreen so you don't have to scoot forward to watch.

That's a special talent