By Charles - United States
Today, I was sitting at the computer browsing various websites. In my attempt to scoot the chair forward, I hit my knee against the desk that my computer was on, and ended up breaking it. I literally broke my knee sitting on my ass. FML
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  enonymous  |  8

I don't do monopoly dollars... I will trade you a park place in the McDonalds monopoly game... it's fucking park place's a sweet setup. 3000 square ft. Your toilet paper has it's own toilet paper... Cognac coming out the shower...

  UnicornHooker  |  0

You could've said more than "wow".
You might have said "Oh, that was silly of you." or "I do hope it heals soon!" or "I bet all my money you were looking at porn." instead of "wow". All of those things would've made a better comment. But you commented to say essentially nothing.

A small knee-related aside, I have luxating patellae (patellas?) which means my kneecaps like to pop out and do stuff. Sometimes I fall over, which is always fun.

Also, criticism and asides aside, it must have taken some strength to break your knee :c

  agaba  |  0

what r u guys talking about he was easly getting new mods for minecraft we all know how thoes damm creepers are like without god mode

  skanky  |  4

right!?! I think op was doing some scotching before scootching (or scooting) chair forward. how do you break a knee just by bumping it on a desk? unless, maybe the computer fell on it?