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  chazstah  |  0

mate.. that is not an fml.. YOU GOT FUCKIN BUBBLEWRAP MANN!!
thats like.. fried bacon wrapped icing donut sandwich with peanut butter and nutella filling for really really really big people :P

  Anu_Ra  |  0

ditto! I'm 19 and I LOVE bubble wrap :D

Honestly this should be what you posted:

"Today, my mom put some bubble wrap on my desk because she thought I'd have fun with it. I'm 18 and for some reason I THINK this is an FML. FML"

Seriously have you ever had any real struggles in life? lol

  dolphingirl  |  0

Definitely not an fml... i got a huge package my freshman year in college (my tv) which had tons of the big bubbles. We spread it out down the hallway and took our shoes off and danced and jumped around on it. 4 years in New Orleans, and the bubble wrap was one of my favorite memories. Enjoy it!!

  SilverBallet  |  0

Dude, I'm a grown woman. Married. I'm a mother.

As a mother, I must say that your mom is quite the generous woman. If I had bubble wrap, I'd keep it for myself 'cause that stuff is flippin' awesome! X3

By  Coffee_Kaioken  |  0

Dude I totally have fun with that. No shame in it.


What, you thought I'd be the type of loser who says "FIRST COMMENT HAHAHA?" Yeah, try again.


Well, screw that then.

By  Lilianna_fml  |  0

I'm 17 and for my birthday last year I ended up with 2 rolls of the stuff. IT WAS AWESOME.

This year, half of my presents were WRAPPED IN IT instead of wrapping paper. Again, AWESOME.