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Today, my mom put some bubblewrap on my desk because she thought I would have fun with it. I'm 18. It was awesome. FML
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Bubble wrap is the greatest thing ever invented. Sometimes, I order things just so I can have the wrapping!


mate.. that is not an fml.. YOU GOT ****** BUBBLEWRAP MANN!! thats like.. fried bacon wrapped icing donut sandwich with peanut butter and nutella filling for really really really big people :P

WTH. How is this FML? I think you posted it on the wrong site. It's not FML, it's MLIA.

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I'm Jealous too...bubble wrap is freaking awesome! and im 18. I even got a link where I can play with bubble wrap on my computer

ditto! I'm 19 and I LOVE bubble wrap :D Honestly this should be what you posted: "Today, my mom put some bubble wrap on my desk because she thought I'd have fun with it. I'm 18 and for some reason I THINK this is an FML. FML" Seriously have you ever had any real struggles in life? lol

You kidding? He got bubble wrap! This is totally a MLIG!

I love bubble wrap. I'd spend time enjoying myself with bubble wrap...I'm 18 also

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I'm only 15. But I still love bubble-wrap. >w

Bubble Rap kicks ass! Vote for bubble rap in 2012!

Bloody amazing, man. I want bubble wrap.

Lmao, I thought that was a joke, and then I went to the site. :P

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Try ordering something from Midway USA (Gunstore, not the island) They use awesome gigantic bubbles.

#13 (or Chaztah, whatever you want) YOU HAVE WON THE GAME. cookie for you.

Definitely not an fml... i got a huge package my freshman year in college (my tv) which had tons of the big bubbles. We spread it out down the hallway and took our shoes off and danced and jumped around on it. 4 years in New Orleans, and the bubble wrap was one of my favorite memories. Enjoy it!!

I know right! Bubblewrap is freakin' spectacularrrr!!!

I would go as far as saying that this belongs on my life is great. :D do it

Dude, I'm a grown woman. Married. I'm a mother. As a mother, I must say that your mom is quite the generous woman. If I had bubble wrap, I'd keep it for myself 'cause that stuff is flippin' awesome! X3

hahaha, i'm 130 lbs and that still sounds delicious

LMAO, not an FML! I'm 24, have two kids, and I LOVE BUBBLE WRAP!!! Share the wealth!!

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Bubble wrap is made of win. You fail. And "texts from last night" gave me this idea. Sex on bubble wrap.

I'd go one step further that MLIA... This is a Love My Life.

#137 Same here. 'It was awesome' xDD sounds fun alright ^^

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I think he either means my life is good or my life is great

no such thing... mlia is my life is average

I'm 26 it's my hobby I have it all over my house YOU'RE NOT ALONE

Dude I totally have fun with that. No shame in it. .... What, you thought I'd be the type of loser who says "FIRST COMMENT HAHAHA?" Yeah, try again. -edit- Well, screw that then.

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LOL that made me laugh!!! and i LOVE bubble wrap!! gosh youre lucky!

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I'm afraid I must disagree on this one. Bubblewrap is mankind's pinnacle of achievement.

That's the great thing about bubblewrap: it's portable so you can have fun inside AND outside!

hey now. bubble wrap us fun at any age. you're life seems awesome to me.

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i definitly can't put your life is ****** or you deserved it because thast is totally awsome! best fml story EVA

Bubble wrap is the greatest thing ever invented. Sometimes, I order things just so I can have the wrapping!

This is NOT an FML. Bubble wrap is incredible. What a thoughtful mother.

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RIGHT!! my mom would've just thrown it away

This should be an MLIA. Everyone loves bubble wrap!

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I agree, it belongs more on MyLifeIsAverage than on FMyLife.

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i completely agree. There's nothing weird about this at all. I love me some bubble wrap.

I'm 17 and for my birthday last year I ended up with 2 rolls of the stuff. IT WAS AWESOME. This year, half of my presents were WRAPPED IN IT instead of wrapping paper. Again, AWESOME.