By IntoTheClouds - United States - Burlington
Today, five minutes before closing, a woman came in to buy over $300 worth of clothing from the sales rack. My manager and I had to ring it all up, de-sensor it, fold it, bag it, etc. After it was all rung up, her credit card was declined. FML
IntoTheClouds tells us more :
So I couldn't fit the whole story into the FML, but we actually didn't have to re-stock everything (and for the record, there was a huge sale going on, so she got, like, fifty shirts). Her credit card got declined. She then tried writing a check, but her check was apparently declined (my manager had taken over the register at that point). She spent ten minutes calling her friends, who were in the mall, to get them to come and help, but none of them came, and then she tried another credit card she had, and finally it went through. It was extremely frustrating, because my manager and I missed the bus, which we needed to get home.
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By  iateapenguin  |  27

#39 - When working in a store the most irritating thing is someone coming in a few minutes before closing time. Closing up shop can take ages and someone coming in at the last minute and undoing all your preparation is annoying as all hell - it taking so long that you miss the bus of course just makes it that bit worse!

  sweetbliss3  |  37

as much as it was time consuming and "sucks," shit happens. maybe that was the only time she could get to the store. and as for her card, theres not much worse than a card being declined; its so embarrasing on top of of everything else. but at least the boss knows you dont just kick out customers because its time to go home.

  ktmla  |  14

Wow that was a really fast follow up. Hey at least your manager will leave with a good memory of you even if her last customer service experiences at your store weren't the best

  cballin15  |  1

I worked in customer service and had to put up with it. it's your bosses business and their money. so if you owned that business you wouldn't mind the extra money, if the customer actually paid. the fact they didn't sucks yes, but it's nothing to complain about working a little extra and being paid to do so. don't care if you worked 8 hour day, an extra 30 minutes or hour is nothing. The fact that everyone sympathizes with her shows the work ethic they have...poor

  shudson186  |  17

It's not poor work ethic to be pissed off. I'm sure you are as well somedays. I would be a little pissed if I was just working an 8 hour long shift and just wanted to get home to eat dinner with my family and had this customer come in.

  SS  |  31

No. While it's open, people can go, otherwise it may as well not be open for the last 5 minutes. Often people go then because they are delayed and in a rush, or that is the only time they can go.

  thomcmoore  |  23

That's not the point #12. If you can be in and out in 5 minutes, fine. But most people, like I envision this lady, come in 5 til closing and dick around while you're trying to close the store. Then, of course, other lollygaggers come in because they see the other person still shopping. It's a vicious cycle.

  Enslaved  |  36

Watch the movie "Waiting" and you'll never go into a restaurant a few minutes before it closes. The things I've witnessed even where I work! Wow! I once found out afterwards, that one of our cooks actually made someone's steak on the grill he was in the middle of cleaning and degreasing. Right on top of the chemicals!

  GraceyBlueEyes  |  13

Exactly where I work as soon as it hits closing time I lock the doors. I will then tell any remaining customers that we have just closed and politely hint they need to hurry up.
But like 15 said most people at that time are in a rush anyway or just didn't realise the time and are happy to hurry.


I feel terrible if I have to run into a store minutes before closing. Usually it's for something I really need and I'll run in and get out ASAP. I can't stand people who lollygag minutes before closing time. But maybe that's because I worked retail and in one place I worked people did that EVERY night.

  AnOriginalName  |  19

I work at my school's library, always on the closing shift. We have 30, 20, and 10-minute warnings before closing, but there are always people playing on the computers who think that a few extra minutes are going to make a difference in their game. Meanwhile, we have to stand there and watch them take their time packing up before we can clear the building and go home. Pisses me off.

  bubblooz  |  13

I work at a coffee store and sometimes people come in 5 minutes before close and order a million drinks that aren't coffee, that I have to specially make and blend, etc. It slows me down so much, especially on week nights when I need to go home because I have school the next morning. This is why I lock the doors 10-15 minutes early so I can finish closing without worrying about some rude customers barging in before close. Word of advice: don't be that customer!

By  breeyand  |  15

This has happened to me with $750 worth of clothing! And her card declined then I had to take it All off and her husband came back I had to rering everything an his card was also declined! I feel ya pain

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

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