By anon - 03/12/2013 04:26 - United States - Elkhart

Today, while having sex with my husband, we had to move around our cat during position changes. Our cat controls our sex life. FML
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Cats control everything. "Dogs have masters, cats have slaves."



lock it out of your bedroom

If they can and didn't its there fault, but I assume they would have done it if they could

Whenever I lock my cat outside of my bedroom, he'll meow and scratch at the door until I let him in. Personally, it's more distracting than letting him be.

Or lock the cat in the bathroom... They usually don't do much in a bathroom


A pussy preventing another pussy.

Not blocking. It's more like encouraging OP to try new and interesting positions. A kind of cat-ma sutra if you will.

naarz 9

Loll pussy blocked instead of **** blocked thats hilarious......but seriously get that cat out of the room.

Cats control everything. "Dogs have masters, cats have slaves."

Dogs are mans best friend for a reason. They don't **** block or in this case pussy block.

I'm sure there are people that also had to deal with dogs not wanting to leave and get off their beds during. . .

I don't know about that. I mean dogs could be worse, especially a bigger breed with a protective or territorial personality. I've heard some stories of dogs interrupting things in worse ways than a cat ever could.

Yeah, like my uncle's German Shepherd who jumped between him and his wife and snarled and growled at him. Silly doggy thought he was hurting her, but it was just a friendly wrestling match.

RedPillSucks 31

Or the dog that joins in and creates the human-animal threesome.

Ever heard of a door?

Whoa they exist?! I always heard of these "doors" but never believed it! *sarcasm*

You could move him or you could move to a better place? Like the couch or bathroom

well its their house, they should be able to have sex in their room without the cat being in the way

Yes. They should. But apparently they can't.

RedPillSucks 31

Or it's Leona Helmsleys cat and it owns the house. Cat's saying "Go do your ******* elsewhere. I'm trying to sleep"

#72 c'mon man it's chuck norris'( is that how you spell it?) cat

You're pussy whipped.

it worse than having your children in the next room,you should get rid of it. so u can feeel free whenever u make love

No it most definitely is not a child will understand what is happening and will be 1) traumatized 2) remember ( if he is young) and tell people without understanding 3) barging in while you are making love and need copious amounts of eye and brain bleach

this reminded me of a really Christian guy in my class last last year claiming that cats were the anti Christ because cat backwards is tac (initials standing for "the anti Christ")

that is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I hate when religious fanatics make up random shit, it makes them look even crazier.

What is a tic-tac then?

The Anti-Christ's choice of breath mint, of course!

I bet he was ******* with you.

perdix 29

#9, I hope that hypocrite didn't take the name of Dog in vain!

That just further establishes that the pussy(cat) always dominates the relationship

Honestly, if you really wanna be respectful towards your cat, take it out of the room instead of *literally* ******* around it.