By Madagascar - 19/12/2009 10:18 - Australia

Today, when my boyfriend and I were becoming intimate, his cat decides to jump onto the bed and lie right in between us. He then informs me that he wanted to stop to "preserve his cat's innocence." FML
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there is a pussy joke somewhere here....

That makes total sense. Or do you want to **** the cat more than the boyfriend.

It does indeed. or do you want to be charged with bestality

that's funny I can see my cat doing that but honestly would u wanna keep going with a car watching lol

84- for your picture, x is 4.58257569495584. just thought I'd let you know

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There is starting to be way too many "He paid more attention to his pet than me..." FMLs

To be honest I'm the same with my dogs. Next time, shut the door...

gotta be kidding. where's his priorities

If he's that attached to his cat, be glad you found out now and get away from him

Can't you be understanding if he wants to save his cat for marriage?