By S12Sophia - France
  Today, my boyfriend and I were making love for the first time, when out of nowhere my cat meowed from the doorway. My boyfriend sighed, pulled out, and exasperatedly called me a selfish bitch for not having put my cat outside. FML
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  narrowords  |  18

I'm always torn between "your life sucks" and "you deserve it" for the "my boyfriend/husband did this" posts. Because that really sucks, yet the OP is still saying "my boyfriend," as in they didn't dump him like they should've. Do they expect it to get better from here on in? Ha.

  AssTard  |  15

It astounds me how he can call his girlfriend a bitch. First of all, you don't treat anyone like that; especially for such a dumb reason. Second of all, you definitely don't treat a woman like that. Third of all, you don't treat the person your dating like that.

  mboehm88  |  3

52 - More-so than the bad sex, calling her a bitch over something so trivial is showing some serious anger issues that 99.9% of the time get worse down the line.

  wlddog  |  14

This post is just too hard to believe. I have a sneaking feeling this story is no were near what actually happened.
It would make more sense if the cat was going crazy because it was in heat or something, and the boyfriend asked her to take the cat away so they could focus. When she rejected the idea (and I'm sure she called him a few things for not being able to focus) he probably tried one more time but yet again the cat was just driving him mad. He pulled out and when the girlfriend said something he called her a bitch.

That sounds WAY more believable.

  ebonyirony  |  29

She kept looking at her watch
(Doesn't matter had sex)
But I cried the whole time
(Doesn't matter had sex)
I think she mighta been a racist
(Doesn't matter had sex)
She left the cat in the house
(still counts)

  luckyd880  |  12

Seriously. Dump him. Anyone that calls you any kind of horrible names has no respect for you (ESP over something so stupid and insignificant). He's not going to get any better. If a guy doesn't have respect for a girl then that's it. He needs to learn it on his own, and usually with age. It usually starts with a guy respecting his mom. If he doesn't, then it's women in general he doesn't see as equals. Trust me. I just got out of a relationship just like this. Get out while you still can!

  rpm234  |  0

I'm a sad, lonely little man/woman/thing. Hell, I don't even know what I am. Someone please shower me with pity and tell me it's all going to be okay.