By dreamer2639 - 03/07/2009 16:23 - United States

Today, I exchanged numbers with this guy in the McDonald's drive-thru. When he asked why I gave him my number I told him I thought he had a nice smile. When I asked him the same question, he responded with "I just thought you had a nice rack". FML
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YDI for exchanging numbers with someone at a McDonald's... what else would you expect?

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Epic win for that guy. Woman always claim to want honesty out of a man, well he was just being honest, quit bitching.


What I'm wondering is why it's ok to compliment a male on his body; but not for a male to compliment a female's body? Also, I'm laying a preemtive "go suck it" fragmentation mine to anyone who buries this post or says "way to reply to the first comment".

way to reply to the first comment Someone had to do it.

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Haha yea that's a good point #134. And OP: Who gives a shit, the dude was being honest at least.

I agree, why, why is there a difference?

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sometimes its unfair that way but i think this time it was WHERE he was looking and complementing, if he said nice hair she probably wouldn't have posted this, i think that she posted this because the guy was being just a liiiiiitle bit of a perv.

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I'm straight but just to piss peopl off "way to reply to the first comment"

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It's not the same type of compliment. Think apples to apples. She didn't say "I like your package, call me". besides, those windows are ALWAYS looking down on you :P

second! and yeah jerk.

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Do you get an erection by being second? Because I see no other reason for proclaiming it to the world. And @OP Romance will not be found at a mcdonalds.

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were u expecting prince charming at the mcdonalds drive through? why do you think he wanted your number in the first place

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Today, I have a nice rack and guys are attracted to me. FML

Agree with 103 (hey that rhymes) Who gives a fuck? He gave you his number, it's not like you HAVE to call him if you think he's a creep or something. Jesus. and as #134 said there is a HUGE double standard when it comes to compliments.

lol that guy knows whats good in life and #2, fail

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Um, not such a big deal...take it as a compliment. Would you rather he said he prefered women with no rack or something?

Indeed. He was paying you a compliment. This isn't an FML at all.

I think the FML here is that she was exchanging numbers with a guy at mcdonalds.

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Obviously, to a guy, it's a compliment. But girls want more than, "you have a nick rack."

I'm pretty sure that if I go to a guy and tell him 'nice rack' he aint gunna be too impressed either.

#92 Your comment is bad and you should feel bad.

Exactly! You're upset that you have a nice rack? Do you know how many girls would kill for that?

a nice smile isnt in a sexual way though.

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#4 what does rack mean?

YDI for exchanging numbers with someone at a McDonald's... what else would you expect?

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A cheeseburger and some fries?

i would put my money on "being fat/lazy and testeless"

Who knows, OP could be very young (like in high school) and the guy working at McDonalds could just be a guy her age that was just trying to make some extra money in high school (like that kind of job was meant for)

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Epic win for that guy. Woman always claim to want honesty out of a man, well he was just being honest, quit bitching.

haha epic win!!

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At least he was honest!

Because you can tell who a person really is so much better by looking at their lips instead of their boobs.

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Yooou win SOMA. I like your argument.

woh, that is some deep shit man this is the internet, either insult the bitch or post a naked pic of yourself

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Yeah, #18 FTW for sure. People are fucktards sometimes. OP, get over yourself. If you want this to stop either.. 1. Get a breast reducion or 2. Wear clothes that hide the girls. You're a fucking hypocrite.

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the double standards are getting annoying

@89: There was no mention of what she was wearing, or her bra size. Don't be ignorant.

You know, people have been overusing the word 'ignorant' lately. It bugs the crap out of me. The only way to become knowledgable about OP's dress sense, potential bitchiness and suchwhat would be to stalk her. "Stop being ignorant" is so non-applicable. Gah.

Wow, you know you're a winner at life when you're exchanging numbers with the guy in the MCDONALD'S DRIVE THRU

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hahahaha agreed

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I don't