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Today, in astronomy class, a kid used Uranus in a hilarious innuendo. I was the only one who laughed. I also happen to be the teacher. FML
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No-- it would be 'your anus'. Possessive pronouns still exist in space.


Really #16? Cause I surely don't. Could you please explain it?

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people really need to get used to the amount of sarcasm in the comments

Honestly if my teacher laughed at that I would have liked him/her more. I like when teachers have a sense of humor!

That's why there is kappa. Kappa means sarcasm.

My science teacher gets innuendos, swears like a sailor, talks about fights he got into, tells awesome stories, and couldn't care less if we curse or make sexual jokes. He is the most liked teacher in the entire school.

it's **you're** anus. i hate this modern lingo

No-- it would be 'your anus'. Possessive pronouns still exist in space.

I think they were making a joke. Like people who use "ur" in text speak? It's too bad #5 still used the wrong *your

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******* Idiot + Grammar Nazi = #5

@5 Considering it's the name of a planet and not "modern lingo", no, it wouldn't be "you're anus". Even in a sentence that was relevant to that it still wouldn't be "you're anus", it'd be "your anus" like 22 said.

55 - stupidity doesn't always translate to humor

We all gave a 10 year old inside of us....

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Pretty sure it's just you, sorry.

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I'm pretty sure that's illegal, #6.

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and this thread of comments we have exibit 9, the prude

Reminds me of Russell brand singing African child/inside of you.

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I've got one locked in my basement

#37 Why does this not have more up votes?

I'm curious as to what the innuendo was now....

they pulled the innuendo right out of their anus

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#21 They pulled it from Uranus c:

I dont see it as an FML, the students probably like you more because of it!

It just shows you have a sense of humor, which is generally lacking in professors .

Yes, I'd be glad to be in your class. I used to tell stupid chemistry jokes to my teacher all the time and it made classes so much more enjoyable.

"I took asstronamy just to study Uranus"

omaigad i love this comment like i love bacon

My science pick up line is: If I had to be an enzyme I would be DNA helicase so I could unzip your genes. ;)