By bucktooth - 26/04/2012 23:04 - United Kingdom

Today, while enjoying breakfast, my teeth took a chunk out of my cheek. This happens regularly, even when I'm talking. Both my doctor and dentist have no idea why, and I'm in utter agony. FML
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fernclogger 5

Get a new doctor and dentist?

ctlnaaia71 8

it happens to me all the time. it hurts like crazy!


fernclogger 5

Get a new doctor and dentist?

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With or without cheeks I love you

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Ouchh! Sounds hurtful! Poor you, op! Take another dentist's opinion

Until they figure out what's causing this i'd recommend chewing very slowly or switching to liquid food.

That happened to me and then I got a new dentist and they found that my wisdom teeth under gums didn't have enough room to grow so I had surgery to remove them. No more problems :) ask for an X-ray if you haven't already.

I agree- try switching dentists- I think ideally they should take some impressions and articulate to check that you don't have a weird bite due to your teeth being angled towards your cheek. They should also have checked your path of closure to check its not the muscles acting up- Hope this is helpful :)

Actually, it's proven that if you bite yourself often while you eat you might be under a lot of stress. It used to happen often to me last year but now rarely does

Go to the orthodontist to see about the alignment of your jaws - I have misaligned jaws and bite my cheeks often.

I'm sorry OP ): hopefully you will figure it out soon!

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ctlnaaia71 8

it happens to me all the time. it hurts like crazy!

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Glad to know i'm not the only one! Granted I don't bite a chunk of my teeth, I do bite my cheek/lower lip on a regular basis while eating. I eat a certain way now to avoid it. Not only is it painful but whenever I bite the chunk of it, it turns into an ulcer (canker sores.. is what I think they're called) and that takes a few days to go away. This one particular time, I did bite down my cheek hard and it got to the point where I couldn't even eat or even drink water for two freaking days-- I went to a doctor and a dentist only to be charged $250 (combined) and be told that they don't really know what to do and couldn't even prescribe me any medicine except mouth-numbing mouthwash. I was literally in agonizing/disabling pain for a whole week. I could've bought the mouthwash myself and saved $250! Ugh.

17- sorry about that. I hope that you figure out what the cause is. Have you tried puffing your cheeks out a little as you chew to keep the walls of your mouth away from your teeth?

Wait, same!! I had to learn how to eat a different way but I still sometimes bite myself while talking.

Happens to me too. And I can never see it coming!

cajekraze 7

Used to happen to me a lot, then I lost a bunch of weight. Still happens, but less frequently. I also chew slower and more deliberately now. The worst is biting my tongue, usually through. After that heals, I end up with a mucocele that takes weeks to fully clear

This always happens to me too! I find it mostly happens after eating citrus, so I think it may be partially the acid from them

Ouch.. Fyl, op, I hope they figure it out soon

Cat_Daniels 6

Actually, to get it fixed, OPs jaw needs to be moved from being to close to his cheek. :P

Try getting another opinion from a different doctor or dentist? There's also specialists for all kinds of things these days! See if you can find one that could help :P

Maybe you should go to some sort of teeth/mouth specialist? Do those even exist? Haha idk, but don't give up, I'm sure someone will be able to do something about it

stormer461 13

I would think that a dentist qualifies as a teeth specialist. There's always the orthodontist maybe?

An ear nose and throat doctor might be able to help. Sometimes if I bite my cheek I'll bite it again a few days later just because it's still swollen so it gets in the way of my teeth when I'm chewing. Maybe that's what's happening with you, OP?

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-speaks slowly and clearly- ... Which is a dentist... Do you understand?

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Uhhh dentist? It's called a therapist. I see won regulary.

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stormer461 13

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Instead of going to the dentist or the doctor why not try to be more careful?

Because he said his "teeth are taking chunks of his cheeks". That means those bastards are getting out of hand so its time to call in the experts.

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Ugh im overly annoyed by how stupid ur comment is. Do u tell deaf ppl to just listen harder? I used to bite my cheek 100+ times a day n had a never ending taste of blood. Turna out the root of a tooth was on a nerve causing it. TO BE CONTINUED...

Tdevonner 0

...apparently the nerve was tricking my brain into thinking that my jaws were closing perfectly centered but it was actually slightly to the right MEANING the more i tried to be careful the more chunks id bite out of my teeth. My mouths compass was broken!

Everyone does it, just maybe not as often as you do.