By AndyAnonymous - 27/04/2012 00:04 - United States

Today, I brought several bags of soda cans to the store to cash in. I hadn't shaved, and my coat had fur all over from my cat rubbing on it. The lady in front of me turned around, looked at my bags and me and said, "It's a lot of money people throw away, isn't it?" Apparently, I look homeless. FML
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taniamw 9

Always typical for people to judge first


People need to learn not to judge on first appearance.

Dear god is that darth vader on a Charizard.

7- that's true but OP set himself up for that one

No offense to the lady, but if she's working at a recycling depot, then she isn't that better off from a homeless either. Just a thought

yanksby7 6

Have you considered that she meant "by not recycling, people are not getting the potential money they otherwise would"? Think about're both there, making money off of cans other people just throw out. OP, I think the only person who thought you looked homeless here is you...

shanemaximo 7

Watch the Penn & Teller: Bullshit episode on recycling. It's pretty interesting. Turns out its actually worse for the environment to recycle plastic materials and glass because it takes so much fuel and electricity to revert them back into a reusable form. The only thing that's actually easier to recycle than remake is aluminum cans! :)

44- people at recycling depots make a shit load of money. at least the places I've lived, they make like 20$-25$ an hour. it's a job no one wants to do because of the smell but it's fantastic money. plus you get tips.

69- maybe plastic, but glass? Really? All ya gotta do is melt it down and reform it. In the ground, plastic takes up to 5000 years to break down, and glass up to 1 million years. Think of all the energy THE EARTH/SUN has to put out. You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

taniamw 9

Always typical for people to judge first

OhDearBetrayal 25

No matter how true it is that people shouldn't make assumptions based on another persons appearance the fact still remains that everyone does it. Yes, even the people who are declaring the indecency of it.

OhDearBetrayal 25

21- I realize that that's what you said, but you stated it in a way that would suggest that it's some horrible thing to be frowned upon. While I admit it's not an ideal action, it's the way everyone is programmed.

24- No one cares. She didn't state it in any way. Most people jump to judging before anything else. Just sayin'... In a respectful way ;)

OhDearBetrayal 25

37- Okay opinion suppressor, I got it.

Oh 55 you just made me giggle... Thank you. I agree tho... Very typical for someone to judge... But so easy to do!

BunBunBabe 8

Every one judges everyone whether you admit it on this website or not. In my opinion the woman wasn't rude at all just severely wrong about her assumption, at least she tried to make small-talk, some people don't even treat the homeless like people and she cared more than most

It's so funny tho... The lady could have just been pointing out that SO many people just throw these things away instead of getting money back for them with recycling. I think OP was just being self conscious about his appearance. So she wasn't necessarily judging anyone.. Could have just been making a simple statement!

Seems like a logical assumption given the information at the time. She could have said something much worse then what she did. Just sayin'.

Happened to me before to jeh it kinda sucks but is a funny story to tell

People shouldn't judge others just on their appearance. Unfortunately they do.

Hey u should be proud! U can go that long without shaving, look like a hobo, and still keep a job to afford a place to live.... Otherwise if u don't have a job and u look homeless, it may not belong until that becomes true. you kind of brought that on yourself.

In a game of incomplete information, you can only work with what you have. And the other guy only had OPs appearance to work with

I'm going to have to disagree. Judging on appearance of physical features, which a person can't easily change, is obviously inappropriate. Judging on how disheveled that person chose to look that day is totally different.

kikiwi_fml 9

If she said that when he was cleanly shaved and in nice clothes, that sentence would sound completely innocent. It sounds like she was just making small talk honestly, I think it was OP jumping to conclusions.

Llama_Face89 33

Ha my dad was at a BMW dealer and told he couldn't afford the car he was looking at when he asked about it because he was wearing a worn-out suede jacket. He's a doctor who made $300,000 a year at that time and the owner of the dealership was a patient of his. Don't judge people by their may lose your job. :P

What do u expect? U went in public looking like a scrub

No, I don't want no scrub A scrub is a guy who can't get no love from me Hanging from the passenger side Of your best friends drive Trying to holla at me

LunaDragon 10

Lol I totally had forgotten about that song, TLC was pretty cool. :)

4, I would not dress up for complete randoms if I am going out for a little bit, OP was dropping off soda cans - why bother shaving for that?

It's called having pride in yourself people! I'm not saying OP has to shave and wear a suit for this, I'm sure changing the jacket wouldn't have hurt.

Who'd say that to a homeless person anyways... 0.o

The lady at the recycling depot evidently.

Or, she could have been trying to make conversation (although it wasn't the nicest of comments)

Rei_Ayanami 18

Don't take it harshly, unless you have the standard overgrown hobo beard and fingerless gloves... If that's the case you may want to do something.

egc573 40

I always suspected that the crazy cat lady from the Simpsons had a husband...

Its ok OP i've been there before, when asking for a cigerette once. Society value's the un-important dont let it bother you,be who you choose to be.

"It's quite hard for you not to be presumptuous, isn't it?"

Or maybe she was really just commenting on the fact that people waste so much money on things like not recycling cans, and was not implying you looked like a homeless person.

Agreed. I wouldn't exactly call this an FML.

OneLittleAdditio 9

that's what I was thinking. how did he or she get that from that simple statement?

if it were a she I don't think shaving her face would be an issue. OP is a guy

OneLittleAdditio 9

very true. I just scanned the fml. so I missed the shaving part lol thanks for pointing it out. :)