By WelcomeWagon - 28/06/2010 20:35 - United States

Today, I unpacked in my new, non-air conditioned apartment wearing nothing but underwear, a tank top and an apron to stay cool. Later, I realized I'd crossed through the complex to my car and the dumpster many times, and arranged my deck overlooking the parking lot, without ever donning shorts. FML
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Asstazztic 8

She wanted to make herself feel welcome lol

Big ****** deal. unless it was crotchless panties...

...Or you dingdong hangin out. Or both... don't want that mental image. Dafp.

pancakesfordinne 0

in soviet Russia, it's ******* cold so we wore clothes 24 hours a day

smiles4life 1

how do u put a profile pic on this retarded thing???? 

PICS or it didn't happen pretty sure ur new neighbors enjoyed the show though...unless ur ugly

aprons rock. you don't have to worry about getting paint & stuff on your clothes. except no clothes underneath. hmmm

Seriously is this an Fml because someone saw your legs? And I thought I was an uptight conservative ******...

Bubbelz 25

It's not like you were completely naked...

people could just think it's a bikini .. unless you're like wearing a thong . but what's with te apron?

NzxtZ06 0

how is this an fml? and by the way OP, I would love some pics of that apron, with you still in it of course

Haileyw15 0

Lol. I did something like that before. But wtf with the apron? :o

glider23 0

NIce to meet you neighbor! *slaps ass*

#35-you are my favorite on here, BY FAR OP- Haha.. so you didn't here me whistling?..DAMMIT.. well i tried ^.^

W3BD3V 0

no better way to say "welcome to the neighbourhood" ;)

losers_inc 0

she was wearing an apron so it doesn't even matter if they were crotchless OP is just over reacting

hey 101. in soviet Russia nobody gives a donkeyshit about you! :D

bonicr 0

How ****ing retarded do you have to be to walk outside in underwear? You deserve it...

Please tell us you are not 600 pounds and have never shaved.

fml for not being there. ydi for telling me about it. D:

some 1 explain wat this fml means.....

this reply makes me laugh because i had to read the comments to get it!

@101 - actually I thought it was a quite clever twist on the tired ass played out soviet russia jokes. If you don't know then you don't know. ignore it.

In Australia tank tops are quite common for men. Although that may be due to our weather. They're also referred to as 'wife beaters'.

palatapus 0
theChupacabras 0

hey freeze, where do u get those pics from? they're hilarious.

kk2krazee 0

It's happened to me a few times too!

Darko21 5

Wish I was there with you having that much junk in the trunk!

superman0000 0
Christopher723 0

Well if she is attractive and was wearing a thong theeenn lucky neighbors if she had granny patties on and she is not so attractive the not so lucky neighbors :D

OP's housewarming gift: 1 bottle of wine 2 packs of condoms 4 horny neighbors of either gender

ydi. put your clothes on before you scare your new neighbors

That sucks! o_O I wonder how you didn't notice.

#1 is so on the same wavelength as me!! was just about to say that!!

ArtIsResistance7 1

I understand OP. There's nothing like the feeling of the breeze on your crotch...

superman0000 0
ArtIsResistance7 1

Girl's have crotches too... Oh, and in my world, X == 8. XXXX = Beer, therefore, X = Beer/4.