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  redwednesday  |  11

why is it that this guy has the same comment as 2, and gets thumbed down so much on this FML, but on every other one people repeat the same thing so many times and get thumbed up?

  Doxy  |  22

I actually agree with 155. In one of the recent FMLs the same comment got repeated at least 4 times yet people still thumbed it up. As for this FML, if you look at the time, they posted that same comment almost at the same time. It was just unfortunate 5 came second.

  Hidur  |  10

OP could just hack through the door with an ax and peek inside saying "here's Johnny". That's how the pros get into locked rooms, anyways..

  XHerobrineX  |  4

Don't even try to unscrew it. If you hit it on the top or bottom (depending on where the board is holding the door) with a "This is Sparta!!!!" kick, the door will open. Probably will need a new door though....

  wolfshadow  |  4

Mister SassPants, I think it would be they, as calling them it would go against saying "One who walks to the store,". Unless it's a transgender. That's what I always assume :)