By Magicgwen - 26/04/2012 20:45 - France - Paris

Today, I put my ironing board away in the bathroom. After closing the door, I heard a loud noise. The board had opened up while falling over, taking up the width of the room. I can't open the door. FML
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mandadarling 10

oh the irony..

I don't think that's what happened at all. I think you're just too weak to push the door open. You should go pump some iron. That pun was weak. Like you.


Well looks like an outside toilet has to be built in the mean time, a hole or something.

boxbrandon11 20

Make a hole in the ceiling and drop in from there

linkinpark98 23

Ninja style.

you_and_me_fml 8

Better get digging!

Imagine playing Dig Dug in your bathroom! The worms and insects can be the enemies.

72- Irony. "Iron"y. "Ironboard". Get it now?

MichellinMan 20

you get a cookie just for your picture.

Time to start collecting bottles........

I would rather just unhinge the door.

JayJaysGirl 0

So your first reaction is to post it on FML?

mandadarling 10

oh the irony..

kikiwi_fml 9

Very punny.

I'm sorry but that's actually a brilliant pun (never thought I'd say that on FML).

kshafer08 7

One of the better puns I have seen

KRS_13 0

I can't believe it took me more than 2 seconds to get it..I think I'm going I facepalm myself now. *gets put in hall of shame*

I'm so in love with number 2

I don't see how it is ironic

btnhdude 0

I'd really like to say 'before and after' @ 65 and 72's pic but I think it would turn out sounding all mean.

That's the point. IRONy. Get it?

72- Irony. "Iron"y. "Iron"board. Ironboard. Get it now?

No no guys it's ironic because the ironing board wanted to show OP who's boss to get its self esteam back. ;P ...okay I tried lol

shannonjnae2706 0

*A* for effort. :)

The ghosts of Tom & Jerry are at it again. This time, they chose your house as their battlefield.

KiddNYC1O 20

Tom & Jerry are dead?? =[

may651 14

Man of they aren't dead they are in their 80s. Still fighting. :)

Sounds like something that only happens in cartoons... Well no more bathroom for you... Sorry OP

Take off the door

Since when can you take down the door from the outside the hinges are in the inside

That's just IRONIC....

Trying a little too hard there.

nofearjenshere 12

2 said it better.


JOKES are always better in CAPITALS. Right? RIGHT?

katcot99 11

Your face is ironic

KuchkaNumberOne 2

108- Wow. Where did you think of that comment? Real clever.

MichellinMan 20



108 - so is ur mom

Wow, clearly you guys take this FML forum a little too seriously...

why is it that this guy has the same comment as 2, and gets thumbed down so much on this FML, but on every other one people repeat the same thing so many times and get thumbed up?

I actually agree with 155. In one of the recent FMLs the same comment got repeated at least 4 times yet people still thumbed it up. As for this FML, if you look at the time, they posted that same comment almost at the same time. It was just unfortunate 5 came second.

Choconumm 8

Time to break down the door

OP could just hack through the door with an ax and peek inside saying "here's Johnny". That's how the pros get into locked rooms, anyways..

Or just take out the pins in the hinges lol

What if the pins are on the inside of the bathroom? You never know...

Don't even try to unscrew it. If you hit it on the top or bottom (depending on where the board is holding the door) with a "This is Sparta!!!!" kick, the door will open. Probably will need a new door though....

jazz23 2

My kinda woman lol

That's why you take the pins out...

Are you still in the room?

Surviving off the mints and Splenda she stole from a resturant.

Before anyone other than me says something, the FML doesn't say if OP is a boy or a girl so to be politicly correct, it*.

Almighty_Chris97 6

Well if they were putting away an ironing board... Must of been a she.

Good thing your cute there #8...

wolfshadow 4

Mister SassPants, I think it would be they, as calling them it would go against saying "One who walks to the store,". Unless it's a transgender. That's what I always assume :)

If op was in the room don't you think they'd be able to get out? I mean like you can close the board and open the door from the inside.

TruexSniper 0

Are you a dumb ass?

I think he might be...

I don't think that's what happened at all. I think you're just too weak to push the door open. You should go pump some iron. That pun was weak. Like you.

OP, you just got steamed.

I think you mean burned, as you can get burned by a clothes iron, too.

Thank you captain obvious.

42 idk how much time you've spent ironing but most irons steam as well.

How are you posting in the future when the future isn't here yet?

Shut up Nappa, always messing up. No wonder Vegeta killed you!

katcot99 11

Docbastard, win.

A real man admits he made a bad pun, then bounces back with a terrific burn. *clap clap clap*

Go through the window OP! If there is one... You are shit outta luck, hope you have another bathroom!

Good luck taking a shit.