By rubberduckie94 - 06/04/2012 13:17 - United States

Today, the mouse trap I set in my kitchen worked. I caught a snake. FML
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rubberduckie94 tells us more.

This is actually mine. I can not believe I finally got one published. : ). It's actually the third one we found in the house.

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YdoIhaveAchode 4

Hopefully it wasn't a trouser snake.


hubla 0

There once was an old lady who lived in a house who try to catch a mouse,there once was an old lady who lived in a house who tried to catch a mouse when she caught the mouse it was swallowed by a snake, she died the end

I especially liked the part about the old lady living in the house who tried to catch. she seemed to really hit her stride the second time I read it.

hubla 0

I thought about the Old woman who swallowed a fly or what ever the name is haha

See what happens when smart people leave smart first comments! Everyone is happy! Unlike the few comments above me.

I heard snake soup is good around this time of year.

Well OP, you rattled up quite a situation there. This FML really sssstruck me as hyssssterical. If I may adder, How the HELL did a snake get in your housssse? Interesting as it is, I must slither off to another FML.

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Whoops, wrong animal. Time to set up snake traps!

That's like fishing in Pokemon, expecting to catch a worthless magickarp, but a wild garedos appears!

hellbilly205 17

Well atleast you caught it instead of it roaming your house...

bertman21 5

I bet that sounded better in your head #9

hubla 0

120 148 yes because it brought back sentimental childhood memories lol

YdoIhaveAchode 4

Hopefully it wasn't a trouser snake.

hubla 0

That would be very painful if a trouser snake was caught in a mouse trap it would be all purple and limp

...And the award for over-explaining a joke goes to...

2-what? No...why would you think of such things? trouser snake? *sad face*

Hey, now there's no snake in your house. Why so FML?

4everblackjack 10

LOL I was just about to say "Where the hell do you live?" but your username says it all..

bizarre_ftw 21

I'm sorry, but of All places do you really think the USA is the most regionally uniform? >.< geeze people, if you're going to say this kind of shit make sure to turn off your intense stupidity long enough to think about it for half a second

Not 6's fault. The username used to say "ILiveinWildKingdom". True Story.

4everblackjack 10

Whoa, suddenly the username changes & I look like an idiot. Oh & calm down 72, not everyone's against the USA *rolls eyes*

Why does everybody hate the US?? Lol, I've always wondered.

4everblackjack 10

Funny thing 112, I'm from Canada.. DUN DUN DUNNNN

bizarre_ftw 21

111 - just for the record, I may live in the USA, but I'm far from simply getting pissed when people are against it, I just hate stereotypes in general Especially badly done ones, however apparently shifting names was the problem here, not your intelligence

If you didn't have a private profile 136, I would have known that :)

Lol so true. I'm moving to Canada because nothing bad ever happens there.! :D

Wtf you complaining about? At least the snake ain't slithering free around your house, and there's a chance it ate a mouse which was heading for the trap as well? And look! DIY Snakeskin wallet!

22cute 17

Exactly! Catching it is a good thing. That's probably what you were hearing & thinking mice.

When life sends you snakes, make snakeskin products... After you decapitate it's head, spurt it's blood all over the yard, gouge it's eyes out and pull out its tongue, before sticking it on a spear and leaving it on your doorstep as a warning to others... Just joking... Never show such cruelty to live snakes... Don't bother them and they won't bother you. But a dead snake? Hmm...

Better than having a snake loose in your house

Was Samuel Jackson there to comment on it?

So it was a snake trap? They need those on some planes...

EvilCupcake8361 9
bizarre_ftw 21

I'm not so sure.... Trolls who get responses like that usually do it better I think this Might be a case of a 12yo sleeping on English class then coming home, half reading an FML, and commenting in a regrettable manner