By Anonymous - 13/12/2015 12:45

Today, I was heading home after getting off work at 5 in the morning, when a deer slid out in front of my car. Not jumped. Slid. Thanks, winter. FML
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"Today, after slipping and falling on the ice, a human nearly drove over me. Not walked. Not ran. Drove. Thanks, industrial revolution and technological advancement. FML"


Been through that before. Hopefully there wasn't too much damage to your car. Hitting a deer is like hitting a wall

Except walls are less likely to get spooked and kick your windows in.

did op actually hit the deer? I did laugh at this mental image but I do hope you're okay.

nonsensical 26

I'm aware of different time zones, but damn, that's like three decades off.

JustinJK 21

here in Ohio it was almost 70. we're usually receiving snow at this point.

^ then we don't see snow again til after Christmas, usually

Ashd09 30

It was around 75 here in Georgia. It's usually in the 30s or 40s at this time of year

why is this thumbed down are people jealous or what? lol

#46, the FML is that the cold weather caused a deer to slide out in front of the OP's vehicle, and #2 said that it isn't cold where they live. It's about as useful a comment as "my spouse didn't cheat on me today" in response to an infidelity FML or posting "I can afford to live comfortably" on an FML about being poor.

#62 it's about weather so it's basically the same lol

oh deer. it must have been hard. ill show myself out

PePziNL 20

No, I'll snow you out. There's the deer.

He was practicing for Christmas Eve because no one ever told him he wasn't a reindeer. Don't dash his dreams!

i dont wanna dash his dreams but i think they're solattered all over the dashboard

Oh no, OP killed Rudolph! What a grinch :'(

Ouch OP. Hope you and your car are okay.

TAntobella 14

Really? The car? Not the deer? Congratulations on your sensitivity.

How was it explaining that to the police? "No, you heard correctly, Officer. HE slid into ME."

I'm guessing the deer was killed. I hope you are okay OP

I think Blitzen needs to work on his landing

This will start next month, so not ready :( (Loving the 60's in Ohio this weekend)

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While reading this FML in the car, we had a deer jump out in front of us