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Today, for our last kid-free dinner before the birth of our 4th child, we chose a Japanese hibachi restaurant. They sat us with a family with a toddler, who started screaming at the first flame trick, causing the chef to cease to do anything entertaining. FML
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dynky 3

I would have complained if I'd been sat with a toddler.

mintcar 9

It's called speaking up. Seriously though, people should learn to control their kids and they should also learn how to handle their outbursts in public. The sound of a crying baby is the worse sound there is.


how are you kid free if you already have 3 children

Obviously they were having a night out without their other kids. You know the cord DOES get cut after they're born, right?

VinegarStrokes 0

Lol that was a great comment #6... And you TOTALLY deserve it for being deuchebags and not just excercising your free will and asking to be moved. once again- deuchebags.

There's no mention of the other three children being alive at all... so they could be (almost) kid-free.

MrLaryRottweila 1
conan13_fml 0

They might be older. She it's there last diner of with out a baby or young toddler.

hmm.. perhaps they invested in this thing called a babysitter? no? ah, well just brainstorming, here.

shut up ke$ha. no one asked for your opinion.

I don't look like kesha.. if I do, then that seriously sucks.

is anyone else missing the fact that she should he bedridden of she's about to go into labor very soon? maybe I'm just overly cautious

brun12 1

Just because you're about to have a baby doesn't mean you have to sit around. I have two kids and was out doing things until the day I had them. My mom was at work when she went into labor with me, and I was a week late

Ever heard of a babysitter, dumb ass?

Dudelike89 8
Arsonnist 3

I hope they got the food that they paid for, because having the chef make my food is pretty entertaining to me. I'm worried.

The point is that i hope they DID complain and get some sort of compensation. Little kids should be banned from certain places ¬_¬

oblio 0

100, little kids are banned from certain places; bars and strip clubs come to mind. Kids are human too and have a right to be wherever their parents decide to take them. The world does not revolve around the petty desires of childless people.

#104 it's just common, basic respect for the other people around you in public. Everyone else, whether or not they have kids, is entitled to their own peace and quiet in places like that. It isn't just a privilege to not be bothered by someone's screaming toddlers. That's why you can't just let your little brats run around screaming in public. Basic respect for others.

104 you just contradicted your self big time. You start with saying they are banned from certain places, but then contradict yourself saying they have the right to go were their parents say. And yes i agree i wasn't clear, however if you used a big of logic you could tell i was referring to cinemas, restaurants and other places not designed for kids.

dynky 3

I would have complained if I'd been sat with a toddler.

mintcar 9

It's called speaking up. Seriously though, people should learn to control their kids and they should also learn how to handle their outbursts in public. The sound of a crying baby is the worse sound there is.

ViolentBears 0

I'm sure that you should've used worst instead of worse. I'm only making this comment because you commented on someone else's grammar. :)

mintcar 9

I caught the mistake but it wouldn't allow me to comment so I gave up. (attempt #3)

dudeitsdanny 9

Agreed with #8. You didn't get what you paid for. Most of those places are expensive because of the show.. And all you got was food.

ViolentBears 0

Haha, it happens to me all the time. No worries. However, going the course of the grammar Nazi will force you to always be correct and allow no mistakes in your own grammar which is unrealistic because we're human. Be careful, these people will eat you alive.

c12azy13ananas 0

yes #8!! I agree with you whole heartedly. parents these days have no control over their kids and let them run hog wild. I don't know if parents understand how their kids actions ruin everyone else's good time, or if they simply don't care :( it's really sad.

I'm sure you are not a mom. I'm also quite sure you were a placid little angel as a toddler. Snatches like you should have your ovaries removed so you can't reproduce and blame your idiocy, ie possibly maiming or killing your child, on your own selfish needs and wants. ****.

#64 You're saying if you went for entertainment, say the cinema or theatre, and a baby started screaming so they cancelled the show and just let you sit there eating popcorn you wouldn't be pissed off? Dumbass. FYL OP, those chefs are awesome when they get to do their thing.

Oh shit I think #64's uterus is PISSED OFF.

#64, you obviously don't remember what it's like to -not- be a mom. seriously, there are venues that are kid-appropriate, like most fast-food restaurants and places specifically geared for kids, and there are others, like sit-down restaurants, that are not until the kid is able to sit quietly. if you take a kid to the latter before it's ready, you ruin everyone's night, including your kid's and yours. tl;dr leave your kids at home. no one wants to deal with them.

monnanon 13

Ok crying babies and kids playing up are annoying but kids often act up no matter what the parents do. It is very unfair to say parents should leave their kids at home all the time but i do agree with you about the kid appropriate places. This doesn't mean families can only eat in fast food places, there are chains of family resturants that like adult resturants but have a menu your kid can eat off of and places your kids can play. As a mum myself I say if you want a meal with the family check that the resturant is child friendly and save the fancy resturant meals for time alone with your SO. Atleast until your kids are seven and won't fly off on toddler temper tantrums.

ReynshineCutting 10

For the record Hibachis are kid friendly. There are usually mostly families in there anyway. Besides OP, this may have been the first time they took their child to a hibachi so they may not have known how he/she would react. You're obviously a mom so you should understand.

64, way to overreact. on the rag? there's no way to justify calling her the names you did. no doubt you felt personally attacked for some reason, god knows why... that was an irrational reaction to a passing comment. you're either stupid or psycho. I feel sorry for your kids. you probably beat them over small things.

#64 - You can't talk. I'm pretty sure you weren't an angel too when you were a child. Dumb ****. No one wants your opinion and go drown your kid so your spawn CAN NOT infect the earth.

#80 I hope you eventually realize how sickeningly self-centered your statement is.

monnanon 13

How is it self centered to say that children can go to child friendly resturants. That is what family resturants are for. Many fancy resturants do not accept little kids. I fail to see where I have been self centered please elaborate. If you feel it is self centered to want to eat at a FAMILY resturant with my family then you are delusional. If you think it is self centered to say kids should not be taken to fancy places until their behavior is not going to disrupt others then you have no right to complain about crying babies and children acting up.

Eh, I agree. Clearly the people complaining haven't dealt with a fussy child, especially in public. People with children like to get out just as much as the rest of you. The crying bothers everyone - doesn't mean it can be fixed instantly.

mintcar 9

TOO* lazy to use proper grammar. You're welcome.

sourgirl101 28

I love the food at those type of hibachi restaurants but will never ever go there unless I'm with a party of 6 or more to fill the entire seating. I went once and sat next to foul mouth ghetto people that wouldn't stop cursing and wanted to know 'How much more will it be for extra skrimps'? Now, I know better and will ask to be moved. Those places are too expensive to not enjoy it to its fullest.

mintcar 9

Never been tp a Hibachi restaurant. The name alone sounds expensibe, so I'll stick to TGIF.

mintcar 9

to* expensive* Clearly time for bed.

it is expensive but well worth it no doubt, you get tons of food.

sourgirl101 28

Oh mintcar, it's so well worth it. They do tricks and cook your food right in front of you. I go on special occasions.(:

Arsonnist 3

Probably for the best. You know what they say about looking at the chef in a restaurant. Also, that toddler should be concerned about what they say about how you act around the people making your food.