By donttouchmyhair - 19/03/2014 18:14 - Romania - Bucharest

Today, a crazy woman grabbed my hair and mentioned how lovely it was. She then asked when I would donate it. I told her I didn't want to, at which point she started yelling that she was going to get some scissors and cut it all off to teach me a lesson. FML
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inner_peace 19

There are some crazy people in this world, OP. Be careful.

Whip your hair back and forth in that crazy lady's face.


inner_peace 19

There are some crazy people in this world, OP. Be careful.

Lebeaugars95 20

stranger danger stranger danger

That's a hairy situation if you ask me ;P

inner_peace 19

"That's a ____" situation comments really are not all that funny.

ChristianH39 30

It was better than a shitty situation pun, but only by a hair

I want to see this wonder-hair for myself :O

Your profile picture matches the situation perfectly :)

Giving us romanians a bad name yet again! This happens so often nowadays.

Whip your hair back and forth in that crazy lady's face.

halcyondaze 11


Sometimes I like to pretend that's not a real song.

arandomusernameaa 20

I wonder what lesson you would learn from her cutting your hair off O.o

That it's safer to stay at home and watch Netflix.

Sounds about right, 41. I used to have really long hair and it's amazing how many people see that as an invitation to touch it! Though when I went to cut it and it get it donated, the hairdresser actually tried to talk me out of it because she didn't want to ruin what she called beautiful hair. You can never win, OP. Stay inside, or wear a hat. Or avoid crazy-ass ladies. Maybe all 3.

lexiieeex3 32

Some people with really long hair donate it to children with cancer or people with lupus. I did that when I was in 5th grade. Some people just aren't ready to do something so drastic but regardless of all if that, this woman sounds crazy. Run OP. Run.

I'd learn that I was capable of murder because I'd take those scissors and stab that bitch! I'll admit, my hair is definitely my security blanket and I'd freak if someone were to cut it.

Theres "special" people on this earth :) be carefull, but heey you ve obviously got pretty hair!

I wouldn't say special I'd say completely utterly bonkers!!!

Fyl OP. I HATE it when people touch my hair. *shudders*

jazzy_123 20

A lot of people hate it. I don't haha I'm so used to it now that I don't even notice. My hair is curly and soft so girls always touch it but if it's a stranger I just stare at them lol

myoukei 31

#85 i feel your pain. If you have natural hair and are growing up in a predominantly white neighborhood people act like they've never seen curls before. (Because nappy hair is apparently this magical foreign concept)

Works the other way around, too. Being a white girl with long straight hair and living in a community that's 60 percent black means that I'm going to get my hair touched. I've never had a white person ask to touch my hair, but for some reason black people do.

jazzy_123 20

haha yay I'm not alone. But actually the reason they touch ny hair so much is because it's NOT nappy. it's really soft and thin and that's what they like. In the summer it will get puffy giving it a nappy look but not really and the only time it does get nappy is if I don't wash it for a couple of days but I almost never do that.

bobbyguy 17

If you want to get them to stop start yelling "RAPE" and "HELP! IM BEING KIDNAPPED" they will run and you will not be bothered

Nah. You don't have to worry about that if you get duct tape on them quick enough.

@#7 Apparently in schools now, they're teaching kids when you come across a nutcase, you yell "FIRE" and not "HELP"/"IM BEING KIDNAPPED"/"RAPE" etc. Because studies show people usually don't want to get involved and less will actually respond to anything along the lines of "help me". Smh at the world. I'd help. :(

21 - so it is true that that's what they're teaching now. I don't think that it's that people don't wanna help, I think it's more so they think it's a joke or they're scared they'll get hurt as well.

What if there's a fire? Should I yell "rape"? .-.

The study cites that people choose not to get involved if they don't have to, but a fire might involve them or destroy their belongings so they are more likely to react.

inner_peace 19

It's sad how self-absorbed we are today, isn't it?

It probably has something to do with all these immature dumbass tween/teens/general idiots who will scream "RAPE!!!1" "HELP ME!" and of course "I NEED AN ADULT!!!" out in the general public when screwing around with friends. It's sad but I'm nearly desensitized to those words. I'm in high school right now with idiots who 'scream' that shit daily. If it sounded like a person was in serious pain, that'll probably grab my attention. A person in pain sounds different from people who are being stupid.

Part of it isn't so much that people don't want to get involved, but there's an actual syndrome for it. I can't quite recall the name, but in more populated areas, people don't help because they think someone else will. It's a mental compulsion that people actually have to fight. There was a murder several decades ago where around 61(?) people heard the victim call out, but no one helped because everyone thought someone else would go and call the police or would be closer to help. The more people that are around, the worse it gets. That's why in first aid, they train you to single someone out like "hey. You with the green shirt. Call 911" cause if you just say "someone call 911", no one actually will. As for calling "Fire" instead, everyone likes gawking at fires and there's no limit on how many people can stand around and watch. So it grabs attention better.

Ah yes, I believe you're thinking of the bystander effect!

Holy_Schnikes 23

Someone told her daughter to yell "They have a bomb" if anyone tries to grab her. She said it would guarantee attention from everyone.

it's too true that people do sometimes yell things like "RAPE" jokingly, especially teenagers. in middle school, a friend of mine would yell it all the time when we were goofing around. of course, we later found out that, at the time, he was being molested by his father at home, so maybe there was a good reason for it.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Why is this getting down voted? It's probably true. As a ginger myself, I can say I get WAY too many people who think they can touch my hair because it's so "beautiful." Every other red head I know experiences the same thing.

inner_peace 19

What should hair color have to do with this?

@thatfancypenn I'll bet your extremely ugly in real life. That's why you don't show your face in your profile picture. You've already proven that you're an asshole. @glabberfasted I'm also a ginger. I get amazing comments on my hair and people have told me that its good luck to rub my hair. Although I've never had a crazy lady try and steal it from me, haha.

chocolatefrog28 29

I feel your pain, OP. I've had strangers come up and drape my hair over their own heads, asking if they could have it... Let no bad happen.

skyeyez9 24

That is a good way to get lice. Their hair could be infested and then transfer some to you.

That is such a creepy compliment! Sorry about all the crazies in this world OP! Sleep with one eye open tonight!

Being told you have nice hair is creepy? It's actually kinda flattering. Shadier things have been complimented before...

kirrra 11

I think #10 meant it was creepy to compliment ops hair and insist donating it.. which takes a simple compliment to a whole new level.

@24, being told that you have nice hair is nice, but it's creepy when someone 1) touches it - especially when it's a person you don't know 2) insists on you donating it 3) threatens to cut it off

Ah yes, my bad I see what you guys did there and I agree. Have my thumb up for the clarity!