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  Sirin_fml  |  46

Uh, please actually read the rules you're citing next time, before whining in the comments section. It's annoying and embarrassing in equal measure for everyone else to read.

  CryMoreFMLs  |  14

I dislike you already #36. I know for a fact I'm not an idiot nor do I have herpes. Good day to you.

Only reason I read your profile was 'cause I couldn't tell if you were M/F.

  persianjr1  |  7

36. your an ugly bitch, but then again, I'm too fucking stupid to spell "you're" correctly. I really don't deserve to live, what with my limited intelligence, and lack of social skills. I'm actually surprised I remember to breathe half the time!

  ViolentBears  |  0

Oh, my freaking gosh. Are you effing kidding me? What is up with all these rude and insulting comments coming from you people? If you're going to make a comment to fight back against someone, don't insult their appearance. It's incredibly rude and we all know that there's probably a lot of other alternative insults that don't involve another's appearance because no one is perfect in their appearance. Gosh, y'all have terrible retaliation skills. Work on that instead of messing with the people that have been on FML forever and a day. =