By Anonymous - 9/9/2020 05:01 - Italy


  Today, I found out that my 7 friends, with a total of 23 past boyfriends in 11 years, have had 0 orgasms during sex. As someone whose sex ed was basically porn, it felt like finding out Santa wasn't real, but worse. FML
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I’ve never had an orgasm, and it’s definitely not because of lack of communication. It happens, and there’s several reasons other than not telling your partner what you like.

By  Susan Yee  |  9

That is hella sad...

By  motoikkyu  |  13

I assure you, real men are trainable. If you know what pleases you, what gets YOU off, you can absolutely train another to bring you to orgasm. It means being with someone you are very comfortable with, and with whom you can communicate. If you can't orgasm solo, your chances of getting there with a partner go way down. A huge percentage of women can't orgasm from penetrative intercourse alone, so you have to know your body and communicate, demonstrate, and be patient,