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Today, while cuddling in bed with my drunk boyfriend, he kissed me softly then told me under no circumstances would he ever marry me. Then kissed me again. FML
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He sounds like such a wonderful person.


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Maybe it's just me but there was a time that if i was really into someone and we made each other happy, i'd get scared that if we defined it then it wouldn't feel so good anymore. So maybe that's the case here.

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He sounds like such a wonderful person.

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Probably not. He was drunk and probably not thinking right.

And either way, just because he doesn't want to marry her, doesn't mean she should break up with him...

#24, it could be a reason to break up though. If marrying is a dream of hers, she has the right to break up with him if he really doesn't wanna marry her.. It's like one person really wanting a child, while the other one doesn't. Then the person who wants it will probably find someone who does want a child.. But this doesn't mean she can't make him try to rethink it, or ask him when he's sober and thinking straight.

They say alcohol goes in and truth comes out.

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No it probably means she needs to talk about it with him when he's sober.

Do you guys seriously enter into a relationship with the expectation of marriage? Ya, in a serious relationship you could possibly. But unfortunately, in modern society, a "serious relationship" is not very easy to define.

@64 - There's no life without love. Looking for the special someone to share everything I am with is all that matters to me. Then again, I've never been very ambitious, so the fact that love is at the top of my list isn't saying very much.

#90 you can be in love and live a full, happy life with someone without getting married. All a wedding does is provide a legal document that the two are now legally bound. It's the love and commitment that make a relationship work and that does not come by a piece of paper.

Marriage provides a little more than that. It also comes with a whole lot of legal benefits.

@64, honestly, I think that's exactly what most people expect when they enter into a relationship. Maybe not immediately, but the long term goal of dating for most people is find someone to marry.

Then under no circumstances should you ever kiss him again.

@92 - I, uhh...I didn't mention marriage. Love is all that matters, and marriage just goes hand in hand with it.

That's what I was kind of getting at, but I did a terrible job of saying it. You shouldn't enter in a relationship expecting to marry this very person. You should enter a relationship hoping that this person just may be the one. You should hope for it, not expect it. Expecting the person to be everything you want in a marriage only creates disappointment when they aren't all that you expect. Not only that, but marriage should only be considered in a serious relationship. (Personally/ not the se for everyone) I think a serious relationship is when you've been with them long enough and you care for them to a point that when you learn of a problem that they hid from you, (such as a addiction) rather than leaving them, you push them to get better and you willingly and lovingly stay to help them through something in their life that is bad. It's when you're willing to stay and give them a hug when they need you most. Unfortunately, a lot of people go into marriage, thinking they are the perfect couple. And when something bad comes out, right at the beginning, they just say that they can't deal with it. You don't have to stay. In fact, you shouldn't stay if the other person is intentionally harming you, or if their problem that they seek no help for is harming you. Love is a beautiful thing. But remember, it has a pretty friend who is fake and temporary. The friend may seem nice now, and may even seem like what you want. But the friend is nothing compared to Love. Just because it gets hard chasing Love, doesn't mean you should settle for it's lesser friend. But... How do you know who's Love, and who's their fake friend? You'll know it when you meet them. When you see everything good and bad about them, you'll know which one is Love.

He was drunk.. She shouldn't dump him just cause he said that he wouldn't marry her, even though he was drunk!

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Is there any answer he could've given hat would make her feel better?

'Because you deserve someone better, as you are the most amazing woman in the world and I'm just a simple boy'... idk it's something.. Anyways, you're right, there isn't a 'comforting' answer to that. But I am still curious about what he would answer

#8 Yeah... It would've gone a little like this, " Sorry babe, I wasn't done talking. I meant I don't want to marry you until we travel the world."

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I've done this to my ex. I wanted her to have more then I can provide. Still love her and miss her terribly.

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That made me really sad 43, you sound like a good guy.

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My ex broke up with me telling me I deserve better than him, 43...exactly why do you do that when we already think you're the best? Don't do that to yourself! Go get her back, don't make my exes mistake.

#43 that is a cop-out. at least own up to the fact that you were just scared

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12/13 I guess you're right, that's a possibility. It seems more to me like he drunkenly admitted his fear of commitment, but I guess he could've meant well. And 70 without knowing his situation you can't possibly say that for sure.

#70 Not wanting to get married doesn't always involve being scared.

#13 I'd rather hear "Bae i want to marry you and travel the world with u."

I still love my ex, even tho she didn't love me the same

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Original publisher, it's basically the person who made this FML

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Look on the bright side; sometimes drunk people don't know what they're saying.

Not sure why people are saying dump him or calling him an ass.. I don't want to get married either, it's a religious ceremony and for some people like me it's viewed as a waste of time. I don't need a piece of paper to tell me how much I love someone

I'm with you on not seeing the point of marriage in my own life. But since OP most likely wants to get married or wouldn't have posted this FML, people feel justified in bashing the boyfriend, justly or not.

I guess it depends on what each person wants. Sure, if neither person cares for marriage there's no problem. But if OP absolutely wants to get married one day and her boyfriend confirms (once sober) that he really doesn't ever want to get married to her, that can be a deal breaker. But I agree with you that this shouldn't be an automatic "break up with him" situation. First of all, he might not really have meant it. Secondly, OP might not even have been thinking of marriage with him, and it was more of an FML because of the dick-y way he said it. The WAY he tells op is most likely the reason people are bashing him.

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Seriously, you are either very young, or a retard. A marriage is a legal contract, regulating rights and obligations between two persons, a shitload of gouvernment concerned stuff, and certainly its not a pointless religious ceremony. Thats an addon for some people. But it has NOTHING to do with legal marriage.

He could be on board with marriage, just not with OP.

Oh I know the whole legal side of marriage, but frankly I don't agree with getting married. Like I said, it's a piece of paper that means nothing. Once you live at the same address for 6 months you become common law marriage and subject to similar laws and tax breaks as a full marriage. ( at least where I'm from)

You might not need that piece of paper to say how much you love someone, but the government might need it if you want to file taxes jointly or see your SO in the emergency room.

#39 before this thing called our government (and medieval political strategists) existed marriage was indeed a religious ceremony. A ritual performed in the house of God to bless and unite two people as one. A contract was still signed. Now it is still considered a religious ceremony to the religiously affiliated and a good excuse to have a huge party for the non-religious in which case it is a pointless religious ceremony. Either way, a wedding does not love make.

Would anyone mind explaining what would be the reasoning behind someone who is against marriage? I understand if people feel that it has no personal significance to them, but I've never before encountered someone who is actively against it. I'm genuinely curious.

#93 you don't need a wedding to have a marriage.. that is a completely different argument.

Not actively against it haha, in my life I'm not for it..