By fmlxxxx - New Zealand
Today, I got back from vacation and realised I still had the motel key. The key-ring has the address on it, so you can post it back to them. I drove to the postbox and posted the key. I then discovered that the motel key won't start my car. FML
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  ISellHerbs  |  0

My question is how can you be so stupid to not be able to tell a car key from a generic key unless you're driving some pre-1980 shitmobile? Don't all car keys have a small grip with the manufacturer's logo/name? It's not hard to tell the difference. Plus what kind of trash motel still uses a key rather than card? Maybe you should be saving that vacation money so you can quit being so poor.


so you're trying to tell me that this whole time you thought the motel key would start your car you dumbass? "i then discovered that the motel key won't start my car" well no shit, you probably need your car key to start your car you idiot.

  yehr  |  0

your the idiot.. it's a way of saying in one sentence, that the key they went to start the car with turned out to be the hotel key. Jeez.

  AlexSlashJosh  |  0

So either his car was at the mail box and he walked to it, or he took his key out of the ignition and put it into an envelope in front of the mail box. Either way sounds either bullshit or stupid

By  plexico  |  3

Now you have access to a motel room.

Why don't you do that "pictures of the toothbrush in the ass" trick so it won't just be an urban legend? Make it happen!


Glad I'm not the only one to think this

Yeah really..wait by the mailbox, and when the mailman comes to pick it up tell them what happened and get it back..

If you don't feel like waiting, see what time pick up is and get there like 20 min before that..not like you have anywhere else to go though


well, he might have a lot of places he needs to go, but can't get there since he can't drive his car. I guess he could walk.... or he hopefully has an extra set of keys stashed somewhere so he just needs someone to bring it to him...

By  IambecomeRAWR  |  0

just send the motel key along with a note explaining your predicament and asking if they could kindly return your car keys? pretty FYL though if you need your car for important shit in the next few days :(

By  kiwigirlinfrance  |  0

Did you really go on 'vacation'? It seems bizarre that somebody in Wellington calls it something other than a holiday. By the way, good luck breaking into the postbox to get the keys back :0)

  buzzy_fml  |  0

@13 - I was just thinking the same thing. Only US expats use the term "vacation". Maybe the OP is an American on holiday here. I might spend my lunch walking around the CBD trying to spot the obvious American-waiting-near-a-mailbox-with-a-rental-car-parked-nearby :)