By booyouwhoree - United States
Today, I told my friend I hadn't had a period in 5 months. She asked me if I was pregnant. When I asked her if I looked 5 months pregant, she replied by saying "is that supposed to be a trick question?" FML
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By  Blank_fml  |  0

it is possible to not have ure period for months if your a teen and ure within the first 3yrs of getting ure period (happened to my friend) but that's ure fault. Next time just say the the classical no

  ZeroIce  |  12

5- what in the hell did you write? "ure"? Please spell correctly. I had to keep re-reading this comment because i couldnt under stand it. At leaset you know its "you're" amd not "your".

By  sillypun  |  0

it can happen for any number of reasons from stress to too much exercise to other more serious health issues. Most women not on birth control are somewhat irregular b/c their hormones are not being artificially controlled.


your amateur gynecologist.