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Today, I saw my crush working the only open till at the grocery store. When she saw me approach her queue, she immediately called for more cashiers. FML
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You could move on to another cashier, like 1 says. But you could also think about it, maybe it was not intended to be mean. Sometimes people do things without noticing. but, in case she did do it intentionally, screw her there's more fish in the sea.

Or maybe she saw there was a lot of people and line and call for more cashiers. Just saying. I worke retail and I wasn't allowed to have more than 3 customers without calling another cashier.

Maybe she likes you and is too shy or nervous to serve you? I hope so anyway

51- Yeah, I can relate to that :/ That may very well be the reason! Think positive, OP :)

Am I the only one who thinks OP might have misunderstood the situation? In my local supermarket they have a policy that if there's more than 3 people in a queue for one till they will open another one, maybe she just saw that her queue was building up so opened another till?

No you're all wrong. OP accidentally wrote "crush" instead of "the girl I'm stalking."

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That doesn't seem very friendly to me. If someone did that to you, would you think that they wanted to be friends?

2, Is there any reason why you point to your crotch in your profile pic?

Because "V" stands for ******, but in his case it's his mangina.

73- he wants to draw attention to how tiny it is :)

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That cold. You don't need her

I guess she doesn't feel the same as OP does. To bad OP but their are plenty of women on the planet.

well hurts to know that the feeling isn't mutual. sigh.

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Love hurts, love scars, love wounds and marks. Any heart, not tough or strong enoughhh. Nazareth.

Doesn't mean you can't still creep on up to her cash register. Use this pickup line for 101% success. Ehem. 'This isn't a wad of cash in my pocket, I'm just happy to see ya.'

Every time plus 1%. Which means sometimes the women around you will be so impressed they'll come home with you as well.

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53- About the cologne that smells like "Bigfoot's dick"?

KiddNYC10: I believe it was called "Black Panther".

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Yeah, it smells like "Indian food wrapped in a dirty baby diaper".

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Sex panther? Yes, the sex panther. 60% of the time it works, every time. - Ron Burgundy

What a bitch. You'll find someone better and then she'll realize she was totally wrong!

Did the extraterrestrials share that with you?

Punctuation is everything. I read that like, "Hello. Off to the gay bar. How are you?"

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Is there another way to read it? I'm not seeing anything else.

Maybe she isn't a complete bitch. Maybe he makes her uncomfortable..? Just a thought. Not all women are bitchy and cruel..

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Lies and blasphemy! Well, maybe. Even I have this one smile that makes people uncomfortable, that "I know its a felony but I'm going for it" smile.