By Anonymous - 18/10/2011 19:36 - United States

Today, I went out shopping. When I left the store, I saw my ex, who I'm still crazy about. He helped me carry my bags out to the car. When I leaned in to give him a hug goodbye, he stepped aside, and I fell face-first into a puddle. He walked away laughing. FML
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Way to dampen the mood.


Go to YouTube and look up rbforgrenade

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Next time, punch him in tha face

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he is your "ex" becaus he is a great EXample of what a woman does not want or should have.

Hi, I'm posting this comment. Goodbye. -Jarrett

Well as they say, love hurts.

Well as they say, love hurts.

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I love your abs

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I say, YDI, he's your ex, and from what it seems like, you guys aren't close anymore, so why would you go to give him a hug? A simply Thank You I think would have done the job.

OP's really head over heels for the ex, huh? Teehee.

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He's cool. I'd like to know why you two broke up.

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Right on 88. I would've done the same. I wouldn't let my ex hug me. A simple "thank you" would suffice. Yeah I said it, let your thumbs down rain upon me. I shall not succumb into your ways.

Let see how much this comment is disliked :) u deserved it ass hole

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aw what a douche. at least he helped you with your groceries...

Sorry. I made that puddle. >__>

how could you be crazy about an asshat like that- seriously you should have walked after him and tripped him up or atleast brushed yourself off and shouted after him that he has the smallest penis you have ever seen- and that your technically still a virgin- come on peope use other fml as inspiration.

OP, you're better off without him, despite how you feel about it. I can probably imagine it must be tough knowing you used to go out with him and still like him, but by the sounds of it, you can do better.

Fell while trying to give someone a hug? How much body weight did you put into it, because it sounds more like an attempted tackle.

Lol that sucks

Well, it doesn't actually say he didn't help her up. He could've helped her up and then left laughing

Way to dampen the mood.

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And the OP's clothing

And her day.

I see what you did there.

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95, Oh yeah? I saw it coming.

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I see what you did there ;D very clever

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puddle me that batman

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Da fuck?

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Wait how did you go face first in a puddle without using your hands or knees to land first, know what mean?

That comment is funnier than the fml

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Maybe he thought she was leaning in for a kiss and wasn't interested.. but either way he shouldn't have been a dick and walked away laughing. He should have helped her, told her "No thanks", gotten in his car, and then laughed his ass off. But still this is what I call... dickishness.

Why would he help, then leave like that?

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To be a douche?

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Helping someone's one thing but if he knows she's still "crazy" about him and he has a girl friend ge might be uncomfortable hugging... Also laughing doesn't mean out loud and pointing it just might have been hard to hold back.

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Maybe he was just being nice and didn't expect a hug. Then when she fell he found it funny since it was unexpected.

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Even if it was funny, he didn't have to walk away. He could of had the curtesy to help her back up.

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Now, that is unfortunate. But get over him.

Yeah for some people there's always a slight chance of starting bak with your ex. But in this case not a chance. The douche is strong in that one.

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Is this a trick question? Obviously she was trying to hug her ex

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How did you fall face first into the ground? Isn't that hard to do unless you're very obese?

If op was obese, then she would fall belly first into the ground.

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You're right, that's why she put in "face-first into a puddle..." her face reached the puddle however.

I would laugh too, but then help her out and see if she's ok

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Mental note : don't go in for a hug with an ex you still like unless they make the first move. Makes it easier to not embarrass yourself.

Ur name sounds like a porno that would be on hbo...

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What if they were thinking the same thing -____-

Then no hug

I found it very clear...

Obviously the ex, learn to comprehend better.