By Narehs - 13/01/2010 01:05 - United States

Today, I was the only cash register open at the local supermarket. I had to sell condoms and chocolate frosting to my ex. FML
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Awkward turtle

yea and the condoms were for baloons!


lil_tomboy 0

re-post. old. boooooring.

isaiaha11 2

agreed and also its your ex who cares

CrumbledCookies 0

Your ex is probably getting those items for gay-man butt sex! And he's planning to swipe the chocolate frosting all over his boyfriends rectum and lick it all off!

Awkward turtle

decidedlyvague 11

Maybe. Did it on purpose? Probably.

She may have been baking a cake, and then filling up the condoms with air or something else non sexual. Always think on the bright side if there is one(: She probably fucking someone. There's probably frosting on her to.

tyrob911 0

how is this an fml? because you sold condoms to your ex? big deal. so u don't want him having sex just because he's not with you? suck it up. I can see why he's your ex

it says op is a man

sirhobothesecond 3

same difference bitch.

lol so he was gona have fun. you should have told him wich brand of condom was better or wich flaver was better lol. you would have said they were to big for him duh lol

killerviral 0

the op is a he so the ex is a she

TanyaTwoTits 0

There's this thing called homosexuality.

cus gay guys gotta use protection so they don't get pregnant.

Well, actually condoms protect against STDs as well as pregnancy. But Ops ex's gender isn't really relevant.

erizzz 0

this has been posted before.

x805xUnknown 6

Dang, that's not a little weird at all.


buttshapedfruit 0

#3 needs to stfu. nd wow that sucks :/

sirhobothesecond 3

the OP needs to get over her and move on. so do me a favor and grow a pair.

eww!! what is the chocolate icing for? I really hope it was someones birthday......

how old are you really?

LoudAsThunder 0

The chocolate frosting was for his ex so she could frost her new boyfriend's 'cake.'

brandebitch 0

Just shut up